Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Darkwonyx Control Warrior (#1 Legend EU)

Control the early game, sustain with +Armor, win late game.

Deck Source:

Deck List:

2x Novice Engineer
2x Wild Pyromancer
2x Acolyte of Pain
2x Kor’kron Elite
1x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
1x Sylvanas Windrunner
1x The Black Knight
1x Ravenholdt Assassin
1x Alexstrasza

2x Charge
2x Inner Rage
1x Execute
2x Shield Slam
1x Upgrade
2x Fiery War Axe
1x Cleave
2x Slam
2x Shield Block
1x Brawl
1x Gorehowl

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39 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Darkwonyx Control Warrior (#1 Legend EU)

  1. Give us a longer video with 3 matches please Force! I'm not even in the beta but i love watching you play

  2. Shame this deck is out the window after the new patch 😛 Well, not completely out the window, but the charge combo isn't possible anymore.

  3. A great Warrior Deck, but I like Mirey's Warrior Control much more because it runs more reliable creatures and focuses less on the Alexstraza OTK.

  4. Can you do a vid about your thoughts on the coming changes with the next patch? Just intersting to hear as many opinions as possible.

  5. This deck is just awesome. I first saw it on Artosis stream and he was absolutely demolishing legendary ppl with it. AND warrior is my favorite class anyway, I always thought warrior control is underestimated a lot! In Arena best class you can get is not mage, its warrior! At least for me!

  6. Am I the only one that wants Force to try the Arena? I got totally annihilated, only one win! Kinda shame you have to pay to get in, when I've been spending on packs 

  7. hi force, your last LOL video is a year old. So can you make a new one? 🙂 btw i really enjoy your smite videos.

  8. Hs really need new sets of cards, imo the game has nearing the point where 'card professors' make that 1 or 2 decks which gets them/you to that legendary status meaning there is no point of trying to play other creative/silly/rng/funny/unike decks since they just flat out lose in competative play

  9. I'm so fucking sick of Hearthstone. I stopped watching it a while ago and I'm a Magic fan. Force do you REALLLYYY think there isn't enough Hearthstone coverage out there? You and Totalbiscuit have become super lazy and produce almost solely this crap. How many episodes of Hearthstone do you have Force? How many? Would you watch a let's play of that many episodes?

  10. bye bye charge… btw I'd love to hear your opinion on the most recent patch notes Force, thanks for the great content

  11. You have a 4 power weapon facing a Dark Iron Dwarf and you use a Shield Slam on it?Some next level play i gotta say.

  12. just found the key to get 2 legendary easy…. spend lot of money… have all cards… build the cheasiest deck at the moment…. GG

  13. The only OTK combo I noticed was the turn 10 Alexstrasza for 15, then Ravenhold for 7, Gorehowl 7/1, and finally Inner Rage. Or keep the board clear while constantly using armor up till turn 10. Use Shield Slam with 15+ armor then Alexstrasza or 15 for the win. Darkwonyx has way more combos and spells than a usual warrior

  14. This deck isn't dead. You can drop Ravenholdt Assassin then drop Alexstrasza on turn 10 and coin the charge, or drop Alex on turn 9 and drop Ravenholdt on turn 10 with charge. It's called math people.

  15. Luckily i got a bunch of games in before the nerf rolls around. 10 wins 0 losses, rip alextrasza charge 🙁

  16. Interesting to not see an Armor Smith in this deck, with this much focus on the Pyromancer i wouldve definitely expected Armor Smith to be in this deck.

  17. the amount of times he hovered on Alexstraza, if I was that Rogue I probably woulda been expecting it to be something game changing ^ ^

  18. That spell +1 damage shit you pulled was actually one of the worst plays I've seen in a long time. you wasted 3 cards to draw one each time and ended up with the same number of cards you started the combos. That alone pretty much explains your 13 rating with this deck. Enough said…

  19. Thanks for video! Big warrior fan and need as much advice as I can get. Keep'em coming please!

  20. most annoying deck of the hearthstone …"armor up , armor up , end turn , i m out of cards , i can take the damage, we both out of cards , i win after 6334842 minutes of a match"

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