Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Divine Paladin (Paladin)

The Divine Paladin deck focuses on early game board control with secrets, taunt minions, and divine protection. Allowing you to buy time for your late game drops.

Deck List:

Argent Squire x2
Goldshire Footman x1
Argent Protector x2
Knife Juggler x2
Blood Knight x2
Scarlet Crusader x2
Silver Knight x2
Argent Commander x2
Hogger x1
Sunwalker x1
Gruul x1

Hand of Protection x2
Noble Sacrifice x2
Redemption x2
Eye for an Eye x2
Consecration x2

Hearthstone website:

Force Strategy Gaming:


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32 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Divine Paladin (Paladin)

  1. make a deck spotlight there doesn't have legendary cards a deck you can get without using money

  2. your thinking is so slow… 6:10 … and then you do a crappy play… 
    7:40 how are you in doubt that you should play the soldier to get 2 minions —> 2 procs on the knifejuggler… ??? I can't watch someone who is so bad at this game. But! I like the deck idea. I really do

  3. Wow this guy sucks….y u trying to teach people how to play like this??????

  4. LOL 14:35 he said he could do 10 dmg by using his dagger mastery as well….. Wut a noob, force u fucking suck for real but make more videos so more people can play like u… More noobs in the arena yayyyyy

  5. i like hearthstone because there's so many ideas for decks floating around in my head — it's like clash of clans with base building, i just like to recreate things over and over again with little to no cost (and lego's back in the day…)

  6. actually "eye for an eye" doesn't reflect back the damage to your opponent instead it also damages the opponent according to how much damage he inflicts you. So if he attacks your hero by 7, he also gets 7 dmg

  7. has consecration been removed or something? i cant seem to find it even when I use the search tool

  8. on turn 3 i would have personally used redemption and attacked with your argent squire and killing the squire but bringing it back with divine shield and lowering the opposing minion to 1 health then i would have finished the minion with my silver recruit and then used the coin for enough mana to summon scarlet crusader this would have meant that next turn i would be able to throw down blood knight and get a 9/9 minion which would have been a lot to deal with for the opponent and the potential for damage would have been greater, just what my brain linked me to do not saying better 🙂 or even better a turn 2 6/6 like haha

  9. 15:28 "I am actually utterly shocked that he did not target me directly"

    Well buddy, that's what Taunt is for.

    Even though we know you only played the Sunwalker because it was shiny and cost 6 mana.

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