Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Kolento Mid Hunter

Less Zerg, More Mid.


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Deck List:

2x Stonetusk Boar
2x Timber Wolf
1x Ironbeak Owl
2x River Crocolisk
2x Scavenging Hyena
2x Starving Buzzard
1x King Mukla
2x Houndmaster
1x Stampeding Kodo
2x Savannah Highmane

2x Hunter’s Mark
2x Flare
2x Tracking
2x Unleash the Hounds
2x Animal Companion
1x Deadly Shot
2x Kill Command

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20 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Kolento Mid Hunter

  1. the hunter vs hunter matchup doesnt really showcase this deck's power. since you play very differently versus hunter than you would with druids etc.

    kolento made it to #1 legend. and you guys think this deck is "not good enough"
    i run almost the same list without mukkla and with a bit of traps since i face alot of zoo decks and tempo rogues. (im at rank 2) and this deck is very very good.

    it's a variation of lifecoach's sunshine druid.

  2. This deck has just allowed me to go from Rank 22 to Rank 17. Thanks for showing this, Force! Keep owning!

  3. 3:54 Since when is trading your 2/1 for your opponent's 1/1 a better trade than running your 4/4 into his 1/1? That way both your minions live, and Unleash The Skill still wouldn't kill Misha..

  4. I've tried this deck and it sucks hell! This deck is not working at all!

    Thank you Force for having waisted my little dust I've spared. Now I can start from point zero again.

  5. Now I played about 30 more rounds with this deck. It suckssssssss !!!!!!!! This deck is absolute crap! Shame on you, Force!!!

  6. my deck was so so so similar to this about 3 months ago, got me to legend, when hunter decks got popular, everyone accidentally anti'd my deck, got pissed off, stopped playing haha

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