Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Legendary Control

Board control for the early game, win with several high damage combos.

Deck List:

1x Bloodmage Thalnos
2x Flametongue Totem
1x Nat Pagle
1x Tinkmaster Overspark
1x Leeroy Jenkins
2x Azure Drake
2x Fire Elemental
1x Al’Akir the Windlord
1x Alexstraza

2x Earth Shock
1x Forked Lighting
2x Lighting Bolt
2x Rockbiter Weapon
1x Stormforge Axe
1x Windfury
2x Feral Spirit
2x Hex
2x Lightning Storm
2x Mana Tide Totem
1x Doomhammer

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41 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Spotlight: Legendary Control

  1. hearthstone is still buy to win becuz its hard to win whitout all those good cards..

  2. You do understand the main idea behind the deck, but as always you execute it poorly, without thinking properly, but i guess you won so who cares anyways, right?

  3. I got 50 packs for christmas and got Cenarius, Al`Akir, Illidan Stormrage, Cpt Greenskin. 😀

  4. Thought I give this a try and opted in for the beta about a week ago and got in this weekend, didn't think it would be that fast :).

  5. Can you suggest cards for people that dont have legendaries? I mean you can replace thalnos with a kobold geomancer, leeroy with an arcane golem, nat pagle with a loot horder. Alextrasza and Al'kir no idea, maybe with an other high impact card like earth elemental

  6. Word of advice.  Stop constantly touching the cards.  Its annoying to watch.  Especially when you touch the moves you think the opponent should make.  Touch druid power, touch your card, touch his minion touch your card.  Its very distracting from the actual game play and difficult to sit through.

  7. I'd like to know why the creator of this deck doesn't run Earth Elemental. That card is so busted!

  8. At 13:17 the Druid's attack jumps up to 7 for a second right after he took fatal. Something weird is going on…

  9. Well Warlock Giants doesn't run a lot of Legendaries just a shit-ton of epics and some legendaries as support .

  10. I was messing around with this deck the other day.
    Had a hell of a draw and OTK'd someone with it ^_^

  11. Pulled out an amazing combo last night.  Doomhammer equipped, Rockbiter weapon and hit for 10, 1/1 turned to 3/1 with Flametongue Totem, and Leeroy for 8.  21 damage OTK for 7 mana only!  Thanks for sharing the build!

  12. Hey, Force. I just started playing Heartstone and I am very frustrated that the healing mechanic is so broken. If a creature card gets damaged even for 1 HP, that card can get healed nonstop. And after it gets over a certain number, it's impossible to deal with it, unless i use a card that should be used on a bog card. For instance a 3/4 card gets damaged 1HP and then the priest heals it every turn for 2 hp (next turn it's a 3/5, then a 3/7 and so on), and if i don't get the card to deal with it right a way, it gets out of control. Is this a bug, or is this how it's supposed to be? Because if a card has the max hp of 4, and gets healed for more, it shouldn't surpass that initial number (at least that;s how I see it, and that's how most games work).

    So what say you? is this a bug in the healing mechanic, or that's a a perk for playing with the priest?

  13. Hey Force, i have a question. In Hearthstone, it seems you have every legendary card in he game. I was just wondering what is the fastest method too get. Or/And can you please put some legendary alternatives which you may think works. Please add me as a friend as well, none of mine play Hearthstone… korekiller#3408

  14. finally deck nearly same as my main deck! I play with only 1 legend (alexstrasza) and imo u can replace most of those not that big impact legends for less expensive cards…I play more quite good cheaper cards like tazdingos, harvest, argent crusader, lava bursts for big removal/finisher, acolyte instead nat pagle…still works well 🙂

  15. lol shaman windfury so fun XD I even have a deck dedicated to putting little guys and then giving them rockbiter/bloodlust and windfury

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