Hearthstone Deck Tracker Setup - Track your Deck's Cards & Stats!

This video will show you how to setup the Hearthstone Deck Tracker, a nifty little tool that adds an overlay to your game and tracks which cards you have left to draw as well as which cards your opponent has drawn.
README — If you cannot open the program, try running as Administrator and re-installing »Microsoft .NET framework 4.5»
►Deck Tracker download — http://bit.ly/1iGBB9x

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30 thoughts on “Hearthstone Deck Tracker Setup — Track your Deck's Cards & Stats!

  1. I have some problems. When I just click on the link/fil that should give me the tracker at the homescreen, then nothing happens? Can some help please!?

  2. I can't find some of the cards in that ALL CARDS list. For example Humility isn't here for me :/ Too many problems with the program 🙁

  3. I have deck tracked, my deck list is overlayed on HS, but it just acts like everything is in my deck still. it doesn't track anything.

  4. the game it self is luck based…so tracking or not when skill has no influence it becomes a VERY BORING game ….cool for kids because it is luck based mechanics but far for any gamer…

  5. deck tracker reset al my options. dont know how to freaking remove the counter for each turn… ARHHHHHHH

  6. +GhostGaming I heard that you could automatically put the deck ingame into the deck tracker. how do you do that!

  7. How did you record the game with the overlay? I just installed the Hearthstone Deck Tracker, but FRAPS ignores it, OBS will not record either (just shows the startup screen of Hearthstone, and no overlay), and FlashBack Recorder only shows the game, but not the overlay. Not sure what else to try, I have played around with the settings of both OBs and FlashBack all night….

  8. pff…… i didnt understand a shit .. more details and tutorial full guide with step after step thats how u doing thats kind of thing

  9. how do i get the hearthstone deck tracker to open when i open hearthstone? i dont want to have to open both myself it should have an option to open when i open hearthstone, call me lazy but i am using the deck tracker so idc.

  10. Is there a way to remove the timers displaying the turns on the right side of the screen with this? and / or the numbers at the top showing how long they have had the cards for?

  11. all i want to remove that mana on opponent cards [that "chances" what he is holding" how to do that please

  12. The right and left side of the overlay looks like yours but occasionally i get a bigger list of their cards lower left. And it sees to scale with my player ui scale but it is huge on my laptop and trying turn it off so far aint figured it out yet… any suggestions!?!

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