[Hearthstone Decks] The Resurgence of Hunter: Naxx Hunter Deck Tech With Reynad

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Reynad is back with another interesting Hearthstone deck! The Curse of Naxxramas adventure mode has added a lot of powerful cards that have rejuvenated some older deck archetypes, the Hunter class being one of them. The addition of Haunted creeper and Webspinner cards have led to a resurgence of Hunter in the competitive scene. Now that the Veto/Banning tournament setup has become popular it is likely Hunter will continue to be a force to be reckoned with; since its worst match up (miracle rogue) can be easily eliminated.
This and similar Hunter lists recently performed well in both the WEC qualifiers (NA) and the Prismata Cup. So even if Hunter isn’t your favorite class it’s definitely something every player should be familiar with.



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35 thoughts on “[Hearthstone Decks] The Resurgence of Hunter: Naxx Hunter Deck Tech With Reynad

  1. I hate you! You have all cards in the golden version  I want :c

  2. "Because they are stupid" That's also the way i look at Flare. It just wins the game on the spot if they have a secret.

  3. Lifecoach refined his sunshine hunter deck himself, adjusting to the meta, it didn´t need gaara and kolento for that

  4. Reynad thank you for putting so much time and energy into this game and into the community. You are seriously awesome man. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  5. Hey Reynad, It was a rough day at therapy today. I had to convince the doctors that It's not that weird to impregnate my sister only to violently abort it later on so I could chop up the baby fetus and give birth to it myself by shitting it out on her body when she woke up at the hospital. Anyhow I have to take these special meds now, do you think this will affect my games?

  6. Hmm, don't play much hs, but always felt I was pretty good at it, when I played it 8 months ago, played to rank 1, felt decent. But when I'm listening to you, I feel silly, learn a lot, thanks, appreciated.

  7. Hi Reynad, do you think lerroy can fit in this deck ? Thanks for reply 🙂

  8. I would add 1 cairne instead of the flare in my opinion, but thats just opinion. I like having atleast a little control in mid to late, rather than a carddraw.

  9. I now did a couple of plays with this deck, and I'm feeling that it might not be fast enough for the new Naxx-DeathRattle-Warlock (including Undertaker and Zombie Chow) … I think you absolutely need perfect draws in this case.
    How do you think about this, even the inclusion of an Explosive Trap might not be good enough as both cards have 3 Life (Undertaker after buff with Zombie and/or Leper Gnome).
    The match up versus Control Warrior is also very tough …
    (Lastly excuse my English … I'm not a native speaker)

  10. I love this deck! It helped me from rank 12 to rank 7 with around a 65% winrate!

  11. I have Illidan, do you think that I should keep him or replace him for Highmane?

  12. Yo I was wondering if you could update us on whether this is still viable? Apparently there are more undertaker hunters nowadays? Thoughts?

  13. Good god I miss this Hunter deck so much. Was so much fun and made really good use of the whole beast synergy. I hope old Buzzard comes back.

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