(Hearthstone) Dodging Bombs with Golden Quest Warrior

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Quest Warrior VS Warrior
Deck Code: AAECAQcKS9ICyAP/A/eoA96tA8e2A/O3A7y5A765AwrUBLulA/WoA/aoA9mtA+iwA6S2A7i5A8C5A/bCAwA=
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Music: Beethoven Piano Sonata no. 11 in B-flat major, Op. 22, performed by Paul Pitman


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44 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Dodging Bombs with Golden Quest Warrior

  1. What a crazy game! I really thought he was going to make a comeback when he kept avoiding the bombs.

  2. When a legendplayer lucks out, misplays, and still wins you know its a heartstone evening.


  4. Shiro playing agro he’s just go face xD Love dat geek humor))
    Btw Kibler, saw you in the Vice video bout MTG! Dat was suddenly!

  5. Haven't felt this much on the edge of my seat watching your videos for a long time, really hoped you survived maybe a couple of more turns 😳 what a game

  6. So many points in which the opponent Trump Traded instead of going face when the odds were in favor of bombs.

  7. Surprised you didn't went for a Brigthwing miracle, you had not many more options lol

  8. Does Scarlet Purifier transform bombs or albatrosses too? If so, that's a sweet tech card

  9. The Shiro branding is so out of control but at least the Youtube channel isn't just named 'Shiro and his streamer' with an avatar of dogbork

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