(Hearthstone) Double the Zephrys, Double the Fun

(Ashes of Outland Standard) 2 games: Highlander Paladin VS Warlock, Highlander Druid VS Demon Hunter
Deck Code 1: AAECAZ8FHvoB3APPBvoGrwePCd0Kg6EDoKEDxaED/KMDt6wDh64DiK4DkK4DoK4D+a4D6rADkbEDjbYDlrYDyrgD+7gD/LgD/bgD67kD174D3r4DysEDw8wDAAA=


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Music: Violin Sonata in A major, D. 574 I. Allegro moderato by Schubert, performed by Oliver Colbentson


23 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Double the Zephrys, Double the Fun

  1. To The person who is reading this:🎁

    You’re amazing stay blessed, stay safe and I hope your dreams comes true one day💘

    My Dream is to have 35k. I been struggling to get there

  2. We need a paladin version of the smorc song. "I shall valiantly go face! Dare you play a taunt, cur? By the light I shall still go face!"

  3. I ls don't use music this heavy on the violin. It litteraly hurts my ears. So this is one im Gonna skip sadly. Love the classical music normally but violin and mobile speakers just doesn't jive..

  4. Can someone explain why he mulliganed Elise and kept whelp Elise seems wayyy better

  5. Can't wait to see constructed after you get the super sleuth hands on it in the expansion. If Trump is mayor of value town Kibler must be mayor of single-to(w)n

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