(Hearthstone) Dragon Quest Returns

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Dragon Quest Shaman VS Rogue
Deck Code: AAECAYHaAx6cAoEEsgbAB40ItJEDipQDxpkDpaED/KMDu6UDz6UD+aUDhKcD4agDt6wDsK0Du60D8K0DiLAD57AD/rADgbEDh7EDkbEDuLYD87cD2b4D5b4Dk8IDAAA=
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Music: Piano Concerto No.3, Op.37 — III. Rondo. Allegro by Beethoven, performed by Stefano Ligoratti


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20 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Dragon Quest Returns

  1. Just hit legend for the first time there now. Your highlander shaman helped a lot with the climb! Thanks for the innovative deck content ma dude! <3

  2. In a sea of people streaming solely HS Battlegrounds, these are a welcome relief.

  3. In relation to the priest rework-

    Noone is talking about the most important thing for a cardgame and that is the 'flavor' of decksand the consistent representation of said flavor/fantasy. Flavor in the context of hearthstone's class identities. When the game was in beta i feel the classes always had a certain inherent minigame or direction within their cardpool. Priest was about healing/shadow dmg. They also have a minor direction of stealing (already played) cards. With the gutting of the shadowpriest the class lost its most important flavorwise direction. That is why IMO MTG is still the best/most popular CG. their colorscheme and the tribaldecks you can play really solidify what a player can expect from a colour and feel excited when you play that flavor/colour consistent Black/Red Aristocrats deck for example. I get huge enjoyement from that.

    This is also why the argument Kibler puts forth, about the new player being baited to craft a cool but pretty unsupported archetype defining Porphet Velen doesnt hold up. Having a consistent clear idea for a class/flavor helps the new player make an informed choice. Furthermore he might question his choice later on and he might learn something about his newfound perspective.

    Sure there is gonna be more expansions to flesh the class out in the future but i feel they killed Priest by cutting all the unique cards/mechanic. I also feel the buffs to the classic set is a huge slap in the face. Why now? Its lazy and boring. GIVE US SOMETHING COOL! they should have just cutted divine spirit and be done with it.

    i mean it shares it random card steal/generation with rogue, and healing is not as unique anymore. As a salty priestmain I feel they made a BIG mistake

  4. I replaced Mana Tide Totem with Marshspawn and it is working rather well. It's a solid 3/4 body on turn 3 instead of 0/3. It's also another Battlecry trigger or it can give you two spells after completing the quest.

  5. 9:03 for the most evil maniacal cackle out of context, Brian Moose Kibler, the evil Dragon Ranger serves Rita Repulsa

  6. Never knew aboz the secret to open the door in the Saviors of Uldum board, thx kibler 🙂

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