Hearthstone - Dragons ✔ Librams ✔ Buffs ✔

dragon libram paladin

decklist found here: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1346258-dragon-libram-paladin
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ES_Clever Girl — Gavin Luke
ES_Martini On The Run — Jules Gaia
ES_Rendezvous 1 — Martin Landh
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com


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22 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Dragons ✔ Librams ✔ Buffs ✔

  1. I've craft it 2 days before this video, but without liadrin and libram of hope (cause i don't have them) and in wild its workibg preety good.

  2. I said where is odd quest highlander Galvadon otk 4 horsemen Tiger libram murloc control paladins

  3. I’m still waiting for paladin cards that are generally good and not forced into yet another archetype

  4. the fact you attack with your 12/13 at 2:30 is so missplay if it was a freezing trap you would have lose the game …

  5. The stats at the end of the month will be like:
    Class played with paladin 400
    Games won with paladin 55
    Games won with all classes 60

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