[Hearthstone] - Dreadsteed vs Knife Juggler

Drink whenever you see a Dreadsteed run onto the board


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27 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] — Dreadsteed vs Knife Juggler

  1. As you see kids, there is atleast one knife in this fight. And in a knifefight — no one wins.

  2. Warsong commander + knife juggler + dreadsteed = kill me plz

  3. these steam notifications scared me to death cuz i have no friends

  4. the end turn button never turned green, so the computer calculated the warlock's death the instant after he played the second faceless. impressive.

  5. if you made the knife jugglers really big i bet you could break the longest turn

  6. buff them to 2 billion health and you will get new longest hearthstone turn record (over 100 years)

  7. Hey can you make a video with dreadsteed and bouncing blade? I'm really curious what could happens. Thanx

  8. no wonder they change the horse deathrattle with the new card you could with the dead 1 DMG repeat if minions die

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