Hearthstone Fun Decks: 1 Cost Deck | WoWcrendor

What happens when all your minions and spells cost 1 mana?

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Hearthstone Fun Decks: 1 Cost Deck | WoWcrendor



36 thoughts on “Hearthstone Fun Decks: 1 Cost Deck | WoWcrendor

  1. Crendor you are unbelievable :'D and now I SO hope they make this into a Tavern Brawl — like an opposite version of You Must Be This Tall to Brawl

  2. you should have kept your hero power to deal damage in end game when your minions cant reach beacuse of better high cost minions with taunt

  3. I really think it's much better to use warlock over Hunter. Since if your deck only contains 1 cost cards you're gonna run out of cards really quick. So you need card draw which is obtained by life tap. Also you got flame imp so that's kinda nice

  4. the battle around 14:20 there where a few times when you had the mama to play your heroes ability and dealt an extra 2 damage and then at 14:40 or so you would have had lethal and could have one another way is with the one minion which had inspire if you have no cards in hand deal 2 damage randomly I think it was you could have gotten red of the 1 tap in your hand and dealt more damage and again had lethal latter on

  5. You are extremely bad and should reconsider playing HS at all. Its pretty embarassing the plays you were making. I couldnt even finish watching the video after that priest match

  6. Why not stealth the guy with taunt so you can drop him out of stealth when you draw a guy that can get the lethal
    You literally did the one dumb thing

  7. then do a 2 cost card deck- but please don't do like ten cost that would be miserable.

  8. You lost that second game cause of Sir Finlay, that hunter hero power would have won you the game, plus you probably would have had an empty hand if it wasn't for those recruits which would have given 2 extra hero power damage per turn for at least two turns… Your deck still would have worked if not for Sir Finlay

  9. Let it be known by my decree that 1 drop and 2 drop decks shall forever be called Mini monsters!! decks.

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