Hearthstone Global Finals - Finals - VKLiooon vs bloodyface

Hearthstone Grandmasters culminate in an epic global finals where the top two competitors from each region will compete for a $500,000 prize pool.

— Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/playhearthstone


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26 thoughts on “Hearthstone Global Finals — Finals — VKLiooon vs bloodyface

  1. RNGStone does still exist? Lmao i stopped this cashcow years ago because blizzard wants too damn much money

  2. What is this wet stuff coming out of my eyes? 😭 What a job very well done! Super deserved.

  3. this is 100% rigged lol, blizzard stirs up controversy over shutting down china protesters and whats the best way to save face? Have a female chinese player win the tournament, if you look at her games including this one, it seems like she always gets the best draws at the best times, there is no way this isin't blizzards doing in order to appeal to the public.

  4. Why did bloodyface switch to shaman away from druid in a druid match up then switch back to druid against hunter? Druid is too slow against Hunter and the Shaman meta during this time isn't fast enough to beat druid. He literally gave her the wins lmfao. Nj Vkliooon

  5. how is evolve, a card from whispers of old gods, allowed in a 2019 standard format? Or is this wild?

  6. Ведущий не китаец разве? Я думал он понимает её китайский ;?

  7. I haven't cried in over 2 years… before watching this final. I started bawling the second Lion burst into tears. What the hell? Never thought i'd cry because of Hearthstone.

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