Hearthstone - Grandmaster Mage Deck Build

The Master Mage deck is highly focused on spells and board control, building minions with Spell Damage +1 and minions like the Mana Wurm if played right can turn deadly, even before the Fireballs and Pyroblasts have taken place. The build is Bodwin’s Master Mage Deck with the exception of a few cards Ripper added. Bodwin’s original deck build can be visited below on the Hearthstone Forums.

Bodwins Master Mage Decklist:

Masters Mage Deck:
1 Mirror Image
1 Mana Wurm (2)
1 Arcane Missiles (2)
2 Kobold Geomancer (2)
2 Novice Engineer (2)
2 Blood Mage Thalnos (1)
2 Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1)
3 Cone of Cold (2)
3 Arcane Intellect (2)
2 Frostbolt (2)
3 Mirror Entity (1)
3 Counterspell (1)
4 Fireball (2)
4 Polymorph (2)
5 Blizzard (2)
5 Azure Drake (2)
7 Flamestrike (1)
7 ArcheMage Antonidas (1)
8 Pyroblast (1)


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46 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Grandmaster Mage Deck Build

  1. What should a beginner go about doing when build decks for each Hero?  Or a low level mage deck. 

  2. ok….I tried to find a list of a mage deck to try out and found this vid and got creeped out cause RipperX is my nick in most games!Anywayz,nice list,gonna try it out now w/o thalnos.:)

  3. Hey man! Why aren't you using Shattered Sun Cleric? Not saying you're wrong, just curious! 🙂

  4. turn 2 why didnt you mana wyrm first then coin (+1 to both) then use the other spell

  5. Playing spells after playing and attacking with wyrms hurts my eyes a little, but it is a very good deck, understandably nerfed…

  6. this is shit idk if u can help me but when I try this deck I lose everytime because if u get rushed ur screwed

  7. Why not use Water Elementals with Ice Lance? arent they good combos? 1 mana for 4+ dmg (if you have spell power on the board)

  8. Love your videos and your deck.  Some constructive critz.  You sometimes jump cut past the card you play or a card the opponent plays and I can't see what was done or what card it was.  I am rewinding constantly to study the play I miss.  In the future, just cut out the thinking pauses and show the cards as they are brought out and played.  Looking forward to more vids.  You rock! 

  9. I see that with a few moves some people are complaining, but at the same time the dude still won both matches. Everyone is going to make a mistake or miss calculation it happens all of the time. Either way the deck works and it is effective and even with the manna cost of the Pyro being 10 now he has Sorcerer's Apprentice which drops the cost to 9, which I feel that he could drop something and incorporate another apprentice to make it back to an 8 cost. but like any deck you have to have some kind of synergy so this deck has some good synergy so there is no point of dropping anything at this point.

  10. Everything I saw was really good. Except playing the mana worm after casting spells. Reminds me of a friend who plays warsong commander after playing his other minions.

  11. It usually isn't the deck but the player. Anyway, in this case… I would say it is the deck and also luck xD

  12. Wow dude I sold all my legendary cards to make that deck THANKS it helps alot man 🙂 good day to you sir ^^

  13. Nice deck, love my mage, but seriously stop playing spells then playing mana worm last.

  14. i don't have all those cards but i copied it using all that i could with some other tweaks… 6 wins straight so far lol

  15. Yea with this deck you'll lose early game hard if don't don't luckily get the mana worms out.

  16. Yea with this deck you'll lose early game hard if don't don't luckily get the mana worms out.

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