Hearthstone - How To Pick a Deck That is Right For YOU

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45 thoughts on “Hearthstone — How To Pick a Deck That is Right For YOU

  1. I've created my own rogue deck with faceless shamblers and arcane giants got rank 5 in two days. couldn't do it with shaman was rank 15 for a week.

  2. My favourite deck is also tempo mage. Do you think it will still work after the expansion?

  3. From my experience of playing midrange hunter:
    Combo is a mixed bag

  4. I just love playing Mill decks ,yes any class i can do it,but its hard ,most of the meta is SMORC 😀

  5. Soooooo……
    1. Netdeck
    2. Play any meta deck you can get your hands on, cos according to Jeremy they're all EXACTLY as difficult to play as each other.
    👏 👏 👏

  6. Definitely my favourite deck used to be midrange paladin, but nowadays I feel like tempo mage is my favourite

  7. Hey Jeremy, what is the song called at the end of your videos? I really like the jazzy sound 🙂

  8. Kinda sad that picking a deck means it can't really be competitive. I feel like you should be able to play a deck you like vs what is good and still succeed.

  9. dont netdeck unless you want to keep the game stale or just want to climb ladder. ingenuity and creativity is what has made this game great. copying everyone doesnt lead to a fun time. go try new things and pave your own path. have fun instead of focusing on winning 100%

  10. Love my Combo Decks, I especially miss Giants Echo Mage. Been playing a variation of Freeze mage but threw in Molten Giants for laughs.

  11. when my first started the game, i saved up dust for about a month and crafted a secret paladin. The deck was the strongest and most brainless deck at that time, so i just got up to rank 5 every season and do all my missions. For starters, i really do recommend playing the cancerous meta decks at first just to save up gold to develop further things.

  12. Good video, but you could have gone far more in depth with each type while not adding too much time to the video.

  13. Now days i play Dragon warrior, My Own Reno Paladin and Aggro mage. Rank 9 so far. Gonna try to grind to legend.
    I also hate how people have made zoolock an aggro deck. When it from the start was meant to be a minion based control deck.

  14. Unless you're very comfortable with piloting any deck that you craft then you will lose a lot. Its as simple as that really..

  15. Otk decks are my favorite (freeze mage is the only reason i even play this game). And I also like to play gadgetzan-decks that plays like 10 cards per turn. And fatigue priest. Thats all. And my friends don't wanna play against my decks(

  16. dude ur voice is like Up down up down up down like the most boring roller coaster ever xD sorry i love ur videos thou 😀 <3

  17. Late comment, but I've been playing Kibler's inspire deck with Confessor Palettes a lot lately. It's so satisfying to win out of nowhere.

  18. This would be good for radio, but the random games in the background add nothing to the "video".

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