Hearthstone- how to play with friends

Hi. This is a tutorial for those who dnt know how to play hearthstone with their friends+ a game with my friend
the www thing is to censure my friend name


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13 thoughts on “Hearthstone- how to play with friends

  1. Nice video bro,i play heartstone too!Can i add you to my friend list,i need your email:)

  2. The overlays don't cover anything important. I was curious to know what the SUB SCR covered, but I'm certain it's just saying his friend wasn't ready.

    This video was only for pointing out a very minor thing, and does not warrant all this abuse. Thank you Seb, I found this as useful as I needed it to be.

  3. Do I have to be a specific level? Can I still challenge friends on my list Win 10…..

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