Hearthstone: I Don't Need No Deck (Rogue Constructed)

Such discard. Much don’t care. → value games: http://www.g2a.com/trump Ranked Play Season 9 ·················································…


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33 thoughts on “Hearthstone: I Don't Need No Deck (Rogue Constructed)

  1. fel reaver could work in combo with silence. Without it, it sucks. Or play 1 on 9 mana and on 10 mana 1 fel reaver with wailing soul. While you have silence in your deck you can use ancient watcher too. Together with argus defender it would make a solid start. just a thought….

  2. I made a deckit was comprised of a ton of paliden buffs and a few silences

  3. OMG< I just had an idea of a life time, Crommagus + Jeves. 6 card draw on turn ten… omg… someone do this please

  4. Acctualy for the people who think fel rever should kill its self… Its only good im early and mid game… If its late game, then you dont absolutely have to play hin

  5. "As long as you don't go into fatigue…"

    sure, but Fel Reaver makes it more LIKELY that you'd go into fatigue.
    I agree that if you had a 1000 card deck, then burning 30 or even 60 cards would be largely insignificant.
    but in a 30 card deck, burning half of it or more makes it extremely more likely that you'd fatigue then you would have had otherwise.

    and THAT is the real misunderstanding people have about fel reaver

  6. really looks funny this deck but why should anyone play a fel reaver worst card in game really

  7. Title: "I don't need no deck."

    First seconds of video: Crafting two epic cards.


  8. How come whenever I watch people play Hearthstone, they never use their gold cards! Is there a reason for this?

  9. I think he totally won fair and square and kinda kicked ur butt I mean I find it unlikely that he "just happened" to have all of those variables at the exact right time,plus like 6 cards at end of game so I'm pretty sure that was fair skill involved in that, still, u would both kick my butt so I'm entitled to say it was a really good match either way and you played as well as your deck would allow which is the most anyone could hope to do xD

  10. The Fel Reaver looks terrible, but my logo is based of a Fel Reaver, and Fel Reavers are my favorite mobs in WoW so I MUST have them.

  11. back when in turn 6 enemy at 30 hp with an agressive deck wasn't a crime,nowadays turn 3 gg

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