Hearthstone in Warcraft 3 Cinematic #1 - Jaina's stand

A Hearthstone moment with warcraft 3 engine.
I hope You will enjoy.
See how your favorite hearthstone cards looked like in the past warcraft 3 universe.
Also if you liked it share!

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6 thoughts on “Hearthstone in Warcraft 3 Cinematic #1 — Jaina's stand

  1. If You share You save an Infernal!
    Sure isn't fun to burn out…
    Btw, shoud I invest work to make more? Or use Picture in picture… I don't know…
    Have Fun watching!

  2. I liked this and would like to see more. Maybe some videos with 2 or 3 scenes or ones with complex board states that represent scenes from wc3

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