Hearthstone Is A FLAWLESS GAME... | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1438

Hearthstone Is A FLAWLESS GAME… | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1438

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ES_Birthday Party (70s Rock Version) — Gunnar Johnsen
ES_Innocent Wooing — Dylan Joseph
ES_Tell the Story Twice — Josef Bel Habib
ES_Silly Little Things — Alvaro Antin
ES_Runnin’ Late — Mike Franklyn
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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46 thoughts on “Hearthstone Is A FLAWLESS GAME… | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1438

  1. talking about bug i won a hearthstone match and then when i decided to play another one the game said your deck is not valid for this gamemode was kinda confuse since i just did that gamemode (wild ranked)

  2. I made a hand buff paladin with the feral gibberer, saronite chain gang, and Val'anyr. It wasnt always good, but when it started snowballing, it would be so fun to play.

  3. Back in GvG I had a Deathrattle based Paladin deck. I called it "Deathrattledin". End game was getting Stalag and Fuegen out and doubling the Deathrattle to get 2 Thaddius and using Paladin spells and secrets to keep them alive.

  4. I had enjoyed a Discard Warlock before the Year of the Dragon, but despite the explosive combos, the winrate wasn’t so convincing with a modest 45%.

  5. 8:07 that's just a visual glitch. If you roll at tier 6 and get a tier 6 minion, it does the animation for it even though you would get it from rolling normally

  6. Me: Blizzard, can we have functioning game?
    Blizzard: We have functioning game at home.
    Functioning game at home: Hearthstone.

  7. My selfmade deck was Quest N´Zoth Rogue during the wild event last year. With the 2 Schemes was it very funny to play with because of 20+ N´ Zoth

  8. can someone pls tell matsuri that hair belongs over glasses….it triggers me so much

  9. In the year of the mammoth, i created every following meta deck in the expansion prior to it becoming viable.

  10. When I was F2P I built a "Ramp Taunt Druid" with my biggest cards like LK and highrolling with Stonehill as my WC. It sucked, but to this day it's my fav archetype.

  11. The first time I climb to rank 5 was with a Lady In White Dragon Priest Deck with Spiteful Summoner. I was very proud of this deck

  12. Serious question. Does the Italian steamer have a disability? Because every time something small happens, he loses his shit and breaks things… the most angry gamers I know don’t even do that because they know how much that shit costs…

  13. I made a spell mage back in the day. The objective was all the spells would go face! XD
    Also i enjoyed a lot an elemental discovery deck with deathknight Jayna. I liked discovery a lot, also loved the deathknight!

  14. My favourite deck I have made is my full random mage. Complete with as much spell/minion generation and as much random as I could stick in it with the Reno hero and double yogg box and much more. It is surprisingly effective as it beats my friends who use galakrond shaman and warlock. You can’t play around someone’s plan if they don’t have one

  15. I made a totem miracle shaman with Wicked doctor, Spirit of the frog and many cheap spells. The goal was to OTK the opponente once you have many totems on board to combo with bloodlust, Primal Fusion and the spell that gives a Minion windfury (and more recently totemic surge). Sometimes you could even summon Al'Akir with Windshear Stormcaller!

  16. The deck I am most proud of for making was during frozen throne and catacombs, it was a very aggro enrage warrior deck using dead mans hand to have multiple leeroys and groms. I made it to rank 11 with this deck

  17. I miss the days when someone said trolden, editor would replace it with Hearthstone daily funny moments xD

  18. Feels like a lot of bugs in hearthstone are caused by players being absolute spastics trying to click/play/drag their cards as many times as they possibly can in the fastest time possible. Calm dowwwwwn.

  19. I build most of my decks myself without neckdecking of the deck builder.
    My most sucessfull decks were a Rush/dragon/Dr. Boom control deck and Dragon/control/Galakrond warrior decks

  20. I've always tried for more controlly paladin decks and peaked in knights with blackguard and forbidden healing paired with the blackguard truesilver interaction which I highrolled on for board clears more than once

  21. I've made a Highlander Dragon Paladin as soon as Descent of Dragons came out and I've been playing it since, because it's exactly what i've wanted to do since I installed the game back in early 2016, so I'm very happy I can finally play it even though it has 11 legendaries and I'm a F2P player (Did i mention the fact I'm playing Sathrovarr in it in standard constructed with good results? XD)

  22. I've made a galathun warrior for wild. It's a combination of galakrond and Cthun very funny

  23. I'm currently using a Highlander Dragon Paladin deck, wins a lot in rank 9-8..

    The usual Highlander cards, Tirion, Siamat, new Nozdormu, Dragon Speaker, Frizz, all that juicy stuff… Has a killer curve and can both kill the enemy on turn 7 or stall until fatigue

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