(Hearthstone) Kaelemental Mage

(Descent of Dragons Standard) Kael’thas Elemental Mage VS Rogue
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Music: Impromptu no. 2 in A flat major, D. 935 by Schubert, performed by Chiara Bertoglio


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30 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Kaelemental Mage

  1. Kael'thas: Every third spell you cast each tuen costs 0
    Whale'thas: Every third pack you buy each day costs 0
    Maryhail'thas: Add a Yogg-Saron to your hand that costs 0

  2. Kibler is such a badass. "You're Leeroying a 5/5? I'll allow it." It's like he could technically prevent that from happening.

  3. How tf is chenvala a 3 cost 2/5 with a summon 5/5 effect!? Priest couldn’t BEG for cards like that 🤦🏽‍♂️ I already know this new expansion won’t fix priest

  4. What? 2 mana left over at the end of the game and no ping on Grommash?? All the BM'ers out there are very disappointed in you Brian… 😀

    BTW — what is with you always getting Octosauri when you Conjuring on the Mana Giant???

  5. so what your saying is, Shiro is like lay on hands, and you can't ask for divine favor too often.

  6. I used to play this piano piece a few years back, but it’s incredibly long, so I would always bore everyone. I still think it’s incredible that I’ve managed to find a channel that combines my love for hearthstone, dogs and classical music.

  7. That was just the one game octosari was actually going to be usefull and the lethal ruined it.

  8. No commentary at the end, no big tactics to be talked about, just a short chuckle. . .

  9. Any Idea how to Update this deck now that the Giants are gone ? Oh and I dont wanna craft Luna couse she will be out soo too 😀

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