[Hearthstone Laboratory] Animated Armor vs Ice Block, Bolf Ramshield

UPDATE: As of (2016-06-01), Animated Armor now always triggers before Ice Block/Bolf Ramshield.

Contrary to popular belief, Animated Armor vs Ice Block is not bugged — it depends on order of play.

Animated Armor, Ice Block and Bolf Ramshield are all Predamage triggers. When your Hero takes damage, they trigger in order of play until there is nothing left to do. This means that whether you play Animated Armor or Ice Block first is important when you take fatal damage — Animated Armor first will reduce it to 1, Ice Block first will prevent it before it can be reduced to 1.

(Cursed Blade has not been tested yet to see if it is a Predamage trigger as well, but it is considered likely.)

(If you want to read more about Bolf Ramshield interactions, check out the Wiki: http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Bolf_Ramshield#Notes )

Log: https://gist.github.com/Patashu/9124177e49e3b0298574

Patch: (2015-12-04)

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