Hearthstone: Lord Marrowgar with a Basic Priest Deck

In this video we take on Lord Marrowgar, the first boss of The Lower Citadel wing of Icecrown, in the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion for Hearthstone.


The decklist is available here: http://imgur.com/c6K2iTl

I’m sorry for the video quality — for some reason my hearthstone didn’t have a resolution set in the options menu and I didn’t realise until I was editing.

Mulligan: Cleric, Mind Vision, Shadow Word: Pain, or a 2 drop that can take a 2 damage hit such as the River Crokolisk.

Cards to Add: Lightwarden would be a great addition if you can keep it alive, since Marrowgar auto heals himself at the end of each turn. Cabal Shadowpriest is another good one, since it can steal a Bone Spike on turn 6, and give you that 4/5 minion at the same time. If you’re wanting to go the Bone Spike route, Thoughtsteal may be a good addition, but keep in mind that playing it on turn 3 could cause you to lose board control, which can be difficult to take back in this fight.

Adding a silence such as the Ironbeak Owl could also be a good thing, since Marrowgar will then just have a useless 0/8 on his side of the board! (Thanks to KindaXP in the comments)

Cards to Remove: Acidic Swamp Ooze and Elven Archer are probably two of the worst cards in this deck, though replacing a Razorfen Hunter with something of better value would probably be a good call too.

For strat, refer to this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/6sydke/im_the_guy_who_did_the_mostly_free_to_playbasic/


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47 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Lord Marrowgar with a Basic Priest Deck

  1. Hey all, normally I'd put an annotation on the screen for videos that have more than 1 attempt in them, but they're no longer a thing So here's a timestamped link if you're only interested in watching the kill attempt: https://youtu.be/oPCNGNea60I?t=974

  2. Dunno if this is outdated, but I’ve tried twice he got bone spike 3rd turn first time
    Then second time he has TWO bone spikes one second turn one third turn


  3. I have tried this exact deck and played Marrowgar probably 20 times….I have yet to steal a Bone Spike…you do it on your first try???? On top of that, AI has a knack of putting 2 of them down before I can do anything meaning I'm dead. A little luck goes a long way.

  4. Heres a tip, but it relies on a certain situation…He can have the card that makes the hero Ragnaros. You just need somehting with atleast 8 attack and a way to get around taunt (If he has some). Crush the Minion, let him become Ragnaros, kill him, Done. Its situational af, but it works

  5. Ok, so the fact that we have to resort to luck and restarting until we get the precise cards needed to do the one strategy that maybe might have a chance at defeating this one is infuriating. How is that a game of skill?

  6. I know this is dated but is Mind control no longer a gettable card, I don't see it in the crafting menu? Did it go wild. Am I just not able to get it anymore or do I have to open basic packs to get it?

  7. Guys, please put all sharp objects in your vicinity in an out of reach area. This quest may make you want to stab yourself in the fucking neck with a pencil.

  8. if u have cobalt scalebane and vicius fledling this fights gets much easier, i traded it with ogres and razorfen hunter, got it first try

  9. I REALLY hated this guy. I could only beat him on my fifth try with a stealing priest (or whatever you'd call it)

  10. I
    Used sceance .. mind vision .. shadow madness .. shadow word pain. Happy goul .. sceance copies any minion on the field puts in your hand .. play defensive clear board play bone spike defend it and get lethal with armanin war beast .. .. posoinous minions are a plus .. to take care of bone spike without shadow word or lethal .. took me a while but i finnaly figured it out . Best way to beat him is copy his minions .

  11. u're a life saver.. (technically i used mind viosion thenwhen i hit the 10 crystals i used mind control so i basically had two of his cancerious bone spikes ) #feels_good_man

  12. LOL he stole my card healing do dmg and he used tried to heal himself and he kill him self

  13. this boss is full retardment.. u can only win with a perfect line up of cards and lots of luck.

  14. Danke Danke Danke Danke Danke Danke
    after so many finally try done thank you man

  15. I’ve tried many different budget deck combos for this hideously stupid boss fight to no avail and I tried this one once. The fight went to 4 mana and he stole an auchenai phantasm and facerolled himself with his own heal. Fucking win.

  16. Still working* tested … it was the 20th try but it was worth it .. every single time so close.. But its about luck with this deck if u dont have any combo..

  17. Everyone seems to think marrowgar is hard, Well Mr .marrowgar hasn't had a taste of big priest. It wrecks marrowgar turn after turn. You only need Barnes.

  18. B R U H.

    I was trying to kill this dude for dAys with my Basic Custom Priest deck, and yours helped me out so much. I modified it to be exactly like yours and after a few tries I switched it up a lil and got him on the second try. I'm shaking and crying, tysm Tommy J :"""0

    By the way, if anybody is interested in what cards I used to change the deck and defeat Lord Marrowgar, here it is:

    Elven Archer x2
    Mind Vision x2
    Northshire Cleric x2
    Power Word: Shield x2
    Acidic Swamp Ooze x2
    Divine Spirit x1
    River Crocolisk x2
    Shadow Word: Pain x2
    Razorfen Hunter x1
    Shattered Sun Cleric x2
    Chillwind Yetti x2
    Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2
    Gurubashi Berserker x2
    Holy Nova x2
    Boulderfist Ogre x1
    Lord of the Arena x1
    Sathrovarr x1
    Mind Control x1

    I'm not sure if Sathrovarr is a basic card, though… but it really saved my ass when I thought my Gurubashi Berserker with, like, 17 attack and 13 lives was gonna go down the next turn. Mind Control is cool, but I wouldn't reccomend relying on it too much, or it'll stab u in the back with how much mana it consumes per use and the fact that Marrowgar's deck is REALLY agressive, so if you dont have lots of minions on defence, that one stolen Bone Spike won't really matter anymore. What I reccomend to do (what worked for me) is trying to get the 'lucky draw' and focusing on buffing up your Gurubashi Berserker. A constant taunt on the side would really help protect your Berserker and yourself (at least from Marrowgar's minions). Some say that taking one blow from Bone Spike is ok, but for me it was always fatal, no matter how much health I had or how good my cards were, so try not to consider that. Destroy these guys with Shadow Word: Pain and your buffed Berserkers. It's nice to have a Northsire Cleric on the board when you constantly heal up your Gurubashi's, and they also work wonders if you're a fan of Holy Nova (also, Holy Nova itself is such an awesome card to use against this boss, cuz he usually puts minions with max 5 health on board and if you've beaten half of them up, you could finish almost evey single one of them with Holy Nova next turn).

    Woah, I got a lil caught up writing all this haHA-
    Hope this helps and if you have questions on how to defeat Lord Marrowgar with this deck, feel free to ask me. I fought him so much that I think I even have his every pattern memorised. Help .

  19. I used my rouge Deck on this Bitchass bone Guy And i have a card like I choose a Card and Shuffle a copy of it in your deck so i stole his fucking Bone spike And Did my best to be still alive until i draw the bone spike and Beat his bony ass

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