Hearthstone - Main Theme - Cover [HD]

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Hey Guys! Today I’ve decided to do a project a little different from the other covers that I use to make, I’ve decided to make a cover out of a music from a game that i’m really enjoying to play, Hearthstone! 😀 I’ve completely re-made the music with my guitar, bass and then I’ve added a Drum track using EZdrummer to follow the music. Hope you enjoy it ^^

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Hearthstone, cover by Johnny

Guitar : Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR


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23 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Main Theme — Cover [HD]

  1. why should anyone cover this great tavern song with such modern instruments. makes no sense for me and sounds tinny and shiftless . 

  2. @DerwahreKnusper You realize that most of the Hearthstone tracks has a Classic guitar right? it's not that far

  3. This was great dude! You deserve more likes on this video cause it's awesome 🙂
    Keep up the good work m8!

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