Hearthstone Match: Epic battle!! WTF ENDING

2015 update: to all the haters.. this was back when the game first came out, probably played no more than 10 games to this point.

(my) mage vs druid. Legendary appearance! —

Sorry about the poor mic quality 🙁
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23 thoughts on “Hearthstone Match: Epic battle!! WTF ENDING

  1. Yea the WTF moment was realizing an asian guy just lost at Hearthstone while playing a mage…

  2. Damn!!! I just had a game like this. Arena Hunter. Krush = 8/8 Charge (9 cost) + Kill Command = 5 dmg if control a beast. Priest heals for 2 = 13 hp. Then he plays that exact card that killed you…That card is sooooo OP!

  3. lol u play so bad at the start there was at least 3 possibilities that would workout a lot better for you at the end you played a little better but stil could do a lot better than that a LOT!

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