Hearthstone Max Damage 2 BILLION

We tried to found max damage in hearthstone. We assumed limit is integer limit which is (2^31)-1. But while we are trying to reach that limit, minion exploded. Apperantly limit was lower. So we assumed it as 2 Billion and reached it. Limit could be higher but definetly not (2^31)-1

Detected BUGS:
-Also you will notice when its health was 999.999.999 used ‘Divine Spirit’ on him. And its health became 1.999.999.999 (Supposed to be 1.999.999.999)
— When Cho had health, used ‘Inner Fire’ on him and its attack became (Supposed to be


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15 thoughts on “Hearthstone Max Damage 2 BILLION

  1. with a friend we broke hearthstone with a Scaled Nightmare that we kept until fatigue got us

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