Hearthstone | MILL them ALL! | Wild Quest Shudderwock Shaman | Saviors of Uldum

Hearthstone | MILL them ALL! | Wild Quest Shudderwock Shaman | Saviors of Uldum

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### M I L L
# Class: Shaman
# Format: Wild
# 1x (1) Corrupt the Waters
# 2x (1) Sludge Slurper
# 2x (2) Baleful Banker
# 2x (2) Brrrloc
# 2x (2) Devolve
# 2x (2) EVIL Cable Rat
# 2x (2) EVIL Totem
# 2x (2) Ice Fishing
# 2x (2) Questing Explorer
# 2x (2) Sandstorm Elemental
# 2x (3) Coldlight Oracle
# 2x (3) Weaponized Wasp
# 2x (4) Lifedrinker
# 2x (5) Doppelgangster
# 1x (5) Loatheb
# 1x (6) Grumble, Worldshaker
# 1x (9) Shudderwock
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

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34 thoughts on “Hearthstone | MILL them ALL! | Wild Quest Shudderwock Shaman | Saviors of Uldum

  1. Is there a better way to make use of Shudderwock than copying a whole bunch of Coldlight Oracles? It's tough to say. Let me know what your favorite Shudder combo is!

  2. Well few shudderwock dish is as fun as shudder+N'zoth +weasels and plated beetle… with a touch of mossy horror for that smashing feel. Still somehow most opponents complain about salt .. Outrageous!

  3. From the thumbnail I see that I’m not alone in experiencing constipation when playing shudderwock

  4. 2:17 and today on "How to beat an opponent with the perfect hand, great draws and a better deck"

  5. Add unite the murlocs idiot, you’ll probably complete it and guaranteed questing adventurer value

  6. I’m saving my bloodfen raptor and River Crocolisk jokes for the stream. I hope you’ve created a custom hearthstone card that combines the two of them by then.

  7. Went up agaisnt this deck earlier. When I saw Roffle as the name of my opponent I came here to check if it was actually you. Nice deck!

  8. Actually my favourite Shudderwock is with jades but is absolutely fine too 😁😁
    2:43 should have used the lackey to give 2 full dmg to a minion since you had 1/1s to trade 🙂
    8:35 missed an attack.
    Sorry to point out mistakes ahah
    Nice upload! We love your videos Roffle

  9. 8:32 you missed 2 free damage.
    YT comment rage. <3

    Edit: I watched further and now realize you've already been made.
    The comment still stands. You missed 2 damage. Love you tho! <3 lol

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