Hearthstone Minions 1 - Sounds That You May Have Never Listened To

Hearthstone minions that you may have never listened to

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50 thoughts on “Hearthstone Minions 1 — Sounds That You May Have Never Listened To

  1. i've heard pretty much all of them, including the 'haha! i lived!' when he attacked with a sheep and i had a sword of justice on

  2. I miss a few one like the frozen champion from naxx, and a few other adventuremonly minions.

  3. Considering I used to use Defender mainly for trading, his "Ahahaha, I live!" became pretty heartbreaking to me.

  4. Easiest way to hear defenders line is having a stormwind champion with the defender secret and the other player have to strike with a minion with 1 attack. After his turn attack with the survived defender.

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