[Hearthstone] My Highest Ranked Arena Deck

Review & gameplay of my highest rated deck ever on HearthArena.
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29 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] My Highest Ranked Arena Deck

  1. I cant get the hearth arena app to ever work in game, it never shows the scores for the cards or what to pick. Also doesnt help that even when I manually enter in the cards in the website, my best arena deck lately was a score of 60 and it went 1-3. FML.

  2. "interesting…" is what kripp says when its the most obvious plays in the world or when he's like "thats so NOT interesting but wtf I have nothing to say to that so ill just say " 'ntresting"

  3. Lol some how I got here on auto play on Youtube while afk and now I contributed to Kripp… I disgust myself, I'm so sorry world :'(

  4. Thought I would look back at my heartharena stats. I had 9 decks under 65. 4 of those under 61 before I finally had one deck over 65. No wonder I averaged 3-3. Kripp said those decks are garbage.

  5. Does anyone know what the, I assume mod he's using that tells him the best cards to pick?

  6. wtf is the chicken bug seeing as how google isnt showing anything trust worthy.

  7. Heartharena shouldn't be allowed. It literally tells you what cards to pick. its basically taking the fun out of the game, and it gives people who dont use it a disadvantage…

  8. Heartharena is usefull but it's still not much help when you just have terrible luck like mine.

    I drafted an insane double fireball double flamestrike Antonidas deck that was probably an 80+ and went 1-3 because I just drew garbage while my opponents drew EVERY… SINGLE… ANSWER.

  9. Why does his HearthArena Companion look the way it does? It is so slick and doesn't have that bothersome icon in the corner and it doesn't even seem like he needs to open it through Overwolf… I saw they give additional features to streamers apparently but can I also make it look just like that, with the scores registering on the account website, the card values given to me and just having it say "Warlock draft" like it does for Kripp and then the icon for the class plus win/loss score afterwards? Also is there a way to open it with HS and/or without Overwolf every time?

  10. So on heartharena is the average deck score the average of all the tier scores of the deck, or is it the averages including the dynamics (synergies)?

  11. how do you get the heartharena to pop up in game or is that just your godlike editing

  12. i dont get why he picked fel cannon instead of a secound doomguard in a deck that probably is on board on every turn of the game and has 0 mec synergies

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