Hearthstone Mythbusters 97 | ASHES OF OUTLAND SPECIAL

Hearthstone Mythbusters 97!

If you have any myths you want tested please suggest them in the comments!

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Bonus Points — SWELL
Hearthstone 8 bit — https://youtu.be/y6HfWeyu-30


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45 thoughts on “Hearthstone Mythbusters 97 | ASHES OF OUTLAND SPECIAL

  1. I wonder what happens if you Maiev a Doomsayer… like does it go POOF the same turn it wakes up, or does it take an extra turn?
    Also, some secrets like Snake Trap, Venom Trap, Splitting Image, Autodefence Matrix, Pack Tactics and Bamboozle dont specifically say they require your minion to be attacked by an enemy, so I wonder if those secrets trigger from things like Ramming Speed or Mass Hysteria that force your minions to attack each other.

  2. Why does the community call minion types tribes? Dragons, murlocs, elementals, beasts, mechs, totems are more like species rather than tribes/clans. Pirates could be tribal but only because pirate is like an occupation.

  3. If you use Corruption on a minion and then that minion goes dormant, it will die in the next turn or after it comes awaken? Or it won't die?
    Can you corrupt a dormant minion?

  4. What would happen if the stormwind champion didn't die in the last one? It seems to me the wisp would awaken with 0 hp, and I don't know if it would regain the buff or die first.

  5. The last interaction with Stormwind is surprising. Really doesn't make sense since if the Wisp wasn't dormant it wouldn't die.

  6. Question: if you silence a card like magtheridon, then make it go dormant, when it wakes up will it trigger its effect?

  7. Did Zephyris get updated? I mean his card pool got like 20 new cards in it with stuff you could never do before . So he should have those as options too.

  8. Does waste warden hurt the hero when they are Jaraxxus? If that's so, I'm going to feel bad for my boy cause that's sad.

  9. You can fully counter Magtheridon by using shadowstep on one of his 1/3 token
    It wont be out of dorment state until you play from your hand his shadowstepped token and eventually kill him

  10. Hey HysteriA! Random thought: Now that Illidan (the 'whenever you play a card' effect) is out of the card pool, could its effect be replaced by Strength in Numbers? The 'spend 10 mana on minions' effect seems to go off before the battlecry, so it could be used to reproduce old Illidan-requiring combos.

  11. What happens with rolling fireball and the minion that makes minions take double damage would it only kill something with max 4 health?

  12. Another weird interaction : A shaman hit me with a bogspine knuckle with desert hare on board while I had an explosive trap active. The trap activated during his hero attack, killing the hares except… not ; his minions evolved nonetheless making me lose the game.
    I mean it kinda make sense ? Just a weird interaction.

  13. Similar to the Lucentbark one, would Sherazin, Corpse Flower be able to revive itself?

  14. When minion whit rush attack an other minion whit the rogue's secret of the minion change into dormant minion he attack, and he can die but the dorman minion not. (sorry for my really bad english)

  15. Fun fact : if you attack a minion cost 3 mana and activate rogue secret transform into a 3 more mana getting a dormant one for exemple the 10/6 DH it will take the damage from the dormant one :).

  16. By the way, if you attack a dormant minion with a hero, the hero will still take damage. checked for Bamboozle

  17. Here is a Myth I've really been wondering about. The Imprisoned cards all have their "when this awakens" text, So what I want to know is if you re-dormant one of these boys with maiev, WILL THE AWAKEN AFFECT HAPPEN AGAIN when it awakens?

  18. Cool ones! Seems like Blizz has some spaghetti code to clean up regarding dormant interactions. Sword of Justice is even worse than it used to be. Lul

  19. The dormant minions and sword of justice interaction feels even weirder since I know the same thing doesn’t happen with Teron gorefiend, if you play him alongside awoken dormant minions like the 2/1 murloc, they get destroyed with his battlecry, but when teron dies and they respawn and go dormant again, they keep the buffs when they reawaken.

  20. First Myth: You can deal damage to the dormant minion.
    There is the rogue's secret called Bamboozle, that can randomly transform attacked minion into the dormant one.

    Second myth: You can destroy dormant minion through undormanted one using Flik.

  21. myth: if a minion that’s alive thanks to stormwind champions effects and does something when awakened goes dormant and awakens with stormwind champion gone, the awaken effect will not trigger

  22. I would like to know: If you Maiev a minion, that started dormant, does its speical effect trigger again?

  23. If you Invoked Galakrond while having multiple different Galakronds in your deck, what happens???

  24. myth : When mo'arg artificer in battlefield, rolling fireball's damage is amplified whenever it hits a minion

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