(Hearthstone) New Priest VS Galakrond Warlock

(Descent of Dragons Standard) Singleton Priest VS Warlock
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Music: Piano Sonata no. 20 in A major, D. 959 — I. Allegro by Schubert, performed by Paul Pitman


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46 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) New Priest VS Galakrond Warlock

  1. Deckcode:

  2. 2:26 It's nice to see Cheaty Anklebitter you don't see her very often and she's a very underated card in my opinion.

    5:50 Wow he was running Alex with dupes and got her effect off pretty early.

    A really fun game!

  3. Please dont eat on stream…..at least dont eat and talk at same time. This drove me crazy with mouth noises.and i dont care if you do 7 hour streams. This will make some people stop watching you…..i did say please 😉

  4. People who can’t handle Brian eating must be fun at parties… and family gatherings… or dinners…

    Or life in general because they complain about every god damn thing

  5. thanks for food smacking, I don't have to down-vote this one now. Just remember censorship is wrong.

  6. Did you craft that golden priest galakrond? I'm wondering if my hero power is golden and i play that card if it will stay golden

  7. Ever notice how Kibler has almost godly luck with the Galkarond hero power? He always gets strong legendary minions, while I'm over here with like 5 coffin crashers

  8. I went 11-1 with this deck at level 5 but then lost 4 games to
    Combos… albatross is essential

  9. I really love gala warlock, its my favourite deck currently, its not just a fun deck its also very strong,in masters tournament qualifier i beated the shit out of everyone with it.😂😍

  10. Galakrond should have a hero power of add a random demon to your hand.

  11. Am I the only one who noticed "galakrond" is spelt wrong on the video picture? Like when you first see the video I forget the name

  12. Hey Kibler , just saying you put out the best hearthstone content I’ve been with you since the inspire shadow priest days ( litty lol). I know a lot of fans especially me would appreciate you putting deck codes in the description so we can relive tour magic if this reaches I hope you consider 😀 keep it up king !!!

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