Hearthstone Panel BlizzCon 2013

Hearthstone Fire Chat Panel Discussion at BlizzCon 2013


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27 thoughts on “Hearthstone Panel BlizzCon 2013

  1. Oh man.  Alice in Chains, followed by two of the most non-metal people I've ever seen.  

    Dead silence.

    I'm so sorry, Jesus

  2. I'm super excited about the adventure portion! I wanted to see more single-player action in hearthstone and (of course) I've been dying for new cards…This seems like a big step in the right direction for me.

  3. Throughout the entire conference, the background noise seems almost IDENTICAL to that of Hearthstone's; uggghhhh. (-_-)

  4. lol 3:00 always one guy with his eyes closed in the picture.  Always gotta love that guy simply cuz his eyes are closedddd

  5. oh sons of bitches kept wondering where the ETC card came from and only bitches that went to blizzcon or ordered it got it.  I completely missed it this year even though I watch the stream every year so kind of pissed me off that I didn't realized it happened until afterwards because they didn't have one the previous year and it f'd everything up for me.

  6. I was playing hearthstone while watching this and just as he said something about droping rsgnaros….i droped him._.

  7. 36:25 this is annoying to me in hs, that you dont need to spend money on hs if you dont mind getting raped by the ones who have used money to get good working decks. :/ oh well ill just spam ranked and do the daily quest, maybe someday i have enough dust for one legendary :DDD

  8. "We've discovered that 44% of the top players don't spend any money in hearthstone, so we're gonna release a bunch of expansions that you need to have to compete in the meta.

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