[Hearthstone] Pavel vs LifeCoach Blizzcon misplay

1/3 chance… Why? WHY?


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18 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] Pavel vs LifeCoach Blizzcon misplay

  1. Can someone tell me wtf is going on here? So anti climactic lol

  2. hated pavel ever since i first saw him vs kolento in some tourny awhile back and was non stop bming him for no reason as a hunter. Disgraceful.

  3. Who is here in 2016 after Pavel took Blizzcon World Championship? 😀

  4. Pavel, 2015 — best known for making one of the biggest and most punishing misplays in competitive Hearthstone history
    Pavel, 2016 — becomes Hearthstone World Champion

    What a difference a year can make.

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