(Hearthstone) Perfect!

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Singleton Spell Shaman VS Rogue
Deck Code: AAECAaoIHvkDgQT1BP4F/wWyBo0IrZEDipQDuZkDxZkDpaED/KMD4aUDhKcDkKcDu60DgbEDkbED27IDhLYD5rcD27gDk7kDl7kDmLkD5b4D5r4Dk8IDw8wDAAA=
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Music: Symphony no. 4 in A ‘Italian’, Op. 90 — I. Allegro vivace by Mendelssohn, performed by the Musopen Symphony


21 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Perfect!

  1. I mean, if Transfer Student is from Scholomance, and Scholomance isn't legal in tournaments yet, then Transfer Student isn't going to be legal in tournaments yet.

  2. What I don't understand is why the Rouge passed their turn when they could've put Brian to 1 with the other pick charge and re daggered. The value from the weapon deathrattle seems way less important than killing your opponent.

  3. I do have to say, I wasn't expecting him to coin Rafaam, but I did think, "but…the memes…" Brian — your comments at the end were spot on…

  4. I've never felt worse for another player than I did for that Rogue after the infinite Witch's Brew.

  5. Seeing those 3 apprentices at the end there gave me flashbacks to Exodia Mage. Just one apprentice and an Antonidas off.

  6. 6:00 — the exact moment the other player REALLY wishes they went face with that 3 damage instead of getting rid of a Healing Totem…

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