Hearthstone Premium: Impossible Deck Slots

«Don’t believe everything you read! More deck slots are being actively worked on. :)»
— Ben Brode

This video took me a total of 3 hours, we’ve been asking for deck slots for a year. How hard can it be?

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W71wPJs47aM
The rest of it is made by me.


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44 thoughts on “Hearthstone Premium: Impossible Deck Slots

  1. Because of this video I accidentally bought 40 tgt Packs, thanks you moron.

  2. instructions unclear, barfed all over myself and uninstalled hearthstone =/

  3. The moment you see that "New Deck" button……………..a feeling only rivaled by Christmas eve

  4. I'm a new player and what is this. This video has turned me off of the game because its too complicated.

  5. It's absolutely ridiculous that they haven't done anything like this. I don't know how it's done, but since everything is already there and just needs to be duplicated, I can imagine how simple of a fix it would be. Sort of like how they increased the friend cap from 100 to 200. It's just a number.

  6. Can you slow down a bit? You're going way too fast, my friend who just started Hearthstone was very confused.

  7. I think I need to see the doctor after this vid.. Not feeling well.

  8. The way technology is advancing these days is truly amazing. What a time to be alive.

  9. Hello, i've been trying to get this working but i'm just not much of an IT guy. Do you need addons or something for this ? it's not like i would understand anything but i want this complicated stuff to work pls !

  10. This is worse than when they made my cards feel non-physical by balancing them :

  11. This video is too confusing. I'm quitting video games, destroying my computer, and going to live in the forest. Goodbye.

  12. I found this video incredibly confusing, I dont think I could play HS with this implimented I'd just be to confused

  13. I literally don't understand what you mean here? buy 40 GVG packs? the fuck is this video even?

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