Hearthstone: PRIEST Deck Basics & Beginner's Guide

The Priest is one of those heroes that will really frustrate your opponents when it works well — and that’s a good thing! In this video I give a rundown of the basics of the Priest, a guide to some of the signature cards and then commentate an unranked game with the basic deck.

0:00 — Hero & Deck Basics
9:54 — Basic Deck Commentary
Ranked Custom Deck Commentary — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKqFDZb0o8U

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27 thoughts on “Hearthstone: PRIEST Deck Basics & Beginner's Guide

  1. haha frustrated me a bit when you didn't destroy than minion that gives charge to other minions, but good video

  2. what i like to do, is to use all my shields, double health, i've had 25 health on my berserker, and then use inner fire… :3 instant win

  3. Hey man no offense but you don't give us the exact deck to copy and build. I'd love to see the exact cards to build a deck like yours cuz I'm stuck on bronce 🙁 Yeap I need to learn how to play better but a deck like yours could help ^^ 

    Thanks btw for the guide and the whole video 🙂 it's funny tbh

  4. Ziggy, I suggest you keep more board control. Leaving that Warsong Commander on the board for that long was just a terrible idea. Even if you have more damage potential, but less health, keep the board clear. Against a Warrior, if he had pulled an execute, you'd lose your enrage and he'd still have a lot of damage on the board.

  5. You took something like 15 points of damage because you didn't want to trade your 2/3 with his charge buff. You would have ended the game in the same amount of turns but with 20 something health. 

  6. Can you please shows us just the deck? With a picture or just select in down the side?

  7. There is s major flaw with that deck let's say you buff a 2/7 minion double its health then use the spell that would make the attack of the minion equal its health you use it for on turn but it got stolen or killed with one spell card it would mean you traded 3-4 cards depending on the number of cards you spent to buff the minion for on card of the enemy … Using that strategy against a rogue, priest, mage would be troublesome

  8. Not trying to be an A-hole here, but this was very painful to watch, so many mistakes. Anyway I guess this was Beta and you were pretty new to the game so, you are forgiven. =)

  9. i love using inner fire on gurubashi
    its so fun to have a 7/7 on turn 6

    Also, I usually play priest with smaller creatures that I buff crazily, 
    Northshire Cleric + power word shield *2 + Divine spirit + Divine Spirit Inner Strength
    That's a 36/36 on turn 4 and you draw a bunch of cards

  10. I personally like to use my+2 heal, double heal and health=attack on the Mogu'shan warden.

  11. It’s so satisfying when you kill a priest… by healing your units, let’s say they have 2 north shore clerics, and you heal your units, they are getting closer and closer to fatigue, in fact I killed my self this way in a game

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