(Hearthstone) Pure Libram Paladin VS Murloc Paladin

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Pure Libram Paladin VS Murloc Paladin
Deck Code: AAECAZ8FBsOkA5uuA6CuA/u4A/y4A4TBAwzcA4iuA5CuA5yuA422A8i4A8q4A/24A+q5A+u5A+y5A8rBAwA=

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Music: Polonaise in C sharp minor, Op. 26 no. 1 by Chopin, performed by Xuan He


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29 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) Pure Libram Paladin VS Murloc Paladin

  1. To answer the question of which deck went the longest without a nerf, it was Grim Patron Warrior at 6 months.

    Currently there is no "top deck" in hearthstone since that seems to cycle, but rogue at 2 months has remained on top consistently

  2. You want to know why paladin hadn't been nerf for so long that because paladin just such and trush me i know i'm a paladin main i'm all way feel like i'm in danger when i'm playing paladin, how can a class with taund minions and over 40 hp healing can be so unsafe that because the lack of card draw every game i play again DH or aggro warlock everything was great at in the early game ( if i was lucky ) they play minions and i clear those minions until we hit turn 9 or 10 when i realize my opponent have more card in hand than i'm that just bs ( like your yesterday videos that rouge draw all her deck and you still have like 9 or 10 more card in your deck )

  3. Dear Blizzard, see how that board-flood deck ran out of gas eventually and lost? That's how they are supposed to work. Not have infinite draw abilities like DH has.

  4. No way the deck code in the description?? Honorable F to the guy that always put it in the comments <3

  5. Deck Code Again ? I really got into a wormhole, this universe is totally different, where am i ? Or maybe Rick did that pandemic situation again, and now he's in another universe with morty.

  6. 3:52 Yep, brian, because he already knew that this game will be a win. After having analysed that much game, he obtains a certain level at hearthstone, maybe trying tornaments someday.

  7. I crafted this god forsaken deck. I even dusted 4 legendaries and bunch of epic cards. Just to get stomped on by res priest and DH.
    Such a waste of a good chunk of dust :''(

  8. I'm playing this deck arm trying to get to legend with it. It's a very funny deck but not sure how good

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