Hearthstone - Rattlegore Gameplay (Scholomance Academy)

Hearthstone Scholomance Academy — Rattlegore gameplay. Rattlegore is a new legendary, with an amazing deathrattle

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ES_Stompin Jazz Night 3 — Magnus Ringblom
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42 thoughts on “Hearthstone — Rattlegore Gameplay (Scholomance Academy)

  1. I dont like this card because its description doesnt really make sense. If nzoth resurrected it would they all be 9/9s or are they each separate cards. Its text just feels off.

  2. Wow, 9 mana do nothing. Sounds great, thanks blizz. Best thing that can happen to this card is a single proc of devolving missiles to get you an 8 cost that might actually do something.

  3. The only way to beat this is to silence it. So every class without silence spell becomes useless against this little one.

  4. i play wild, da winged astral hadronox deck. this doesn't hurt me at all. i even won game against guy who played 42 attack/health/taunt c'thun when i had just 10 health because i had in my turn killed da unkatakah who shuffled twice of him to my deck, and summoned 7 winged guardians(6/8 taunt can't target, reborn)

  5. Ok but why mercenary>rampage on a copy of rattlegore and not rampage then copy with the mercenary 😤

  6. I know it's not the purpose of the video, but those misslethals are so frustrating to watch x)

  7. I want to know what happens when you buff it and then it dies, does it go down the non-buffed stats or the buffed ones?

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