[Hearthstone Science] Battlecries Resolve AFTER The Minion Enters Play

The most common piece of misinformation in the Hearthstone community is that Battlecries resolve before the minion enters play. They don’t. They resolve after. Please share this video whenever you see this misinformation being spread to clear things up.

Check out the Advanced Rulebook to learn more about our model: http://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Advanced_rulebook

Other videos used:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXs403z7rK4 SlisGames — Knife Juggler beats Leeroy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZtsMOp-mqQ&t=21m40s Trump — Hearthstone: Trump Is Going to Be Rich — Part 1 (Paladin Constructed)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=horDqrCQ534&feature=youtu.be&t=4m35s Amaz — Read you like a BOOK! [Full game vs. hamboy12]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzZ6k6GwyhY&t=1m37s Lotware — HS-R19 13Nov2015 US- Sacred Trial Secret takes out Dr. Boom


Script: http://pastebin.com/KXsFyMBF

Patch: (2015-12-04)

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Music used in this video:
Patashu — OHC 353 Bloom {Awakening} http://compo.thasauce.net/files/Patashu_-_OHC_353_Bloom__Awakening_(OHC353).mp3
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31 thoughts on “[Hearthstone Science] Battlecries Resolve AFTER The Minion Enters Play

  1. But in the video with the sacred trial and dr. boom it is obvious that boom is the second card entering the play. Otherwise one of boom bots would be get killed by the secret instead of him. Am I wrong

  2. No one said that battlecries trigger before play, they are triggered before summon. A minion is played when it lives your hand while it is summoned when it falls to the board. Battlecries trigger before it falls to the board.

  3. If minions enter play before their battlecries then how come mages don't get 3/3 Faceless or 4/1 Twilight Drakes from Mirror Entity?

  4. It's easy to get confused with Dr. Boom, because when you play him while equipted with Sword of Justice the Boom Bots get the +1/+1 first.

  5. Lately I've been facing a pally with the secret "sacred trial". I had 3 minions on board, so I sacrificed a coldlight into his Tirion to play around the secret and play boom… But that secret triggered and killed Dr. Boom 😀 So the boom-bots are actually summoned first before dr. comes into play…

  6. So inconsistent, that SI:7 Agent Triggers mirror Entity when you kill a mad scientist with SI's comboeffect.. It's probably due to SI7 is a combo and not a battlecry effect, but in my opinion it should be resolved like this:
    SI comes into play, 2 dmg are dealt, secret comes in play, and that should be it..
    Currently it's: dmg -> deathrattle -> secret -> SI comes in play -> Entity goes off..

  7. Why enemy mage get Fire Elemental from Mirror Ebtity after using it on Mad Scientist?

  8. I think the confusion about Boom Bots coming into play first is because of how cards like Sword of Justice work.

    Doctor Boom enters play. Sword of Justice doesn't happen until "after a minion is summoned", so the Boom Bots WILL enter play before the Sword of Justice triggers.

    But most people think that Sword then should give it's one last counter to Doctor Boom because he came into play first. But when each Boom Bot comes into play, it initiates it's own little window of effects, so even though Doctor Boom entered play first, the "After a minion is summoned" effect for the Boom Bot will happen before the "After a minion is summoned" effect for Doctor Boom, leading to one of the Boom Bots receiving the +1/+1. By the time the Sword of Justice would resolve for Doctor Boom, there is no more duration and the Sword has already been destroyed.

    But since the Boom Bot receives the +1/+1, not Doctor Boom, it leads many people to believe that the Boom Bot entered play first, which is not correct.

    It isn't intuitive, but it does make sense if you understand everything that is happening.

  9. I already know that .. You see playing mill rogue have great aspects too 🙂

  10. Using Corruption, Ancestral Spirit, and Knife Juggler; could you kill a player at the start of his turn?

  11. 1:01

    How can Stormrage and Juggler trigger when your opponent plays the Drake? Neither of those cards trigger on an opponent's play. Somebody explain?

  12. It's because blizzard is dumb…..some cards work how they are supposed to and some don't

  13. If your Evlen archer gets sniped my a hunter trap the battle cry still works….

  14. that's wrong, your explication have no sense for me, the secret says if your opponent have 3 or more minions and plays another destroy it, when you play Dr boom since the battlecry is after as you say, then you had only one minion in the board when Dr boom was played so the secret should have no be activated, hearthstone is a extremely inconsistent game, and no one knows what happens with the battlecries, blizzard does what they want

    another example of that is the next, when you have a juggler in the board and you play an owl, then the owl silence first and after the juggler throws the knife, so the battlecry of the owl was before it was summoned

  15. Omg exactly these piece of information I made my personal crusade in the HS Forums 😀 (that was influenced by your earlier viedos) you bet that this video will be linked 😉

  16. The Dr. Boom one is weird, even though Vanish sends Boom back to the hand, playing Dr. Boom into Sacred Trial with more than one minion on board will cause Dr. Boom to be destroyed. Also playing Kezan Mystic into Mirror Entity steals the Mirror Entity. Both these examples seem to indicate that battlecries trigger before a minion enters play. There's so many weird inconsistencies that its hard to tell how battlecries actually trigger.

    It's very much like I before E except after C with battlecries in Hearthstone, sometimes Battlecries seem to trigger first, sometimes they don't and there doesn't seem to be any set rule of operations. We can only hope to learn each interaction as it comes.

  17. Hey, it seems I found a bug. Played against a friend, he had counterspell up I frostbolted my Dr. Boom, it got counterspelled, then played frostbolt on him again. Dr. Boom wasn't frozen.

  18. 4:24 What, that cant be right. Everybody has killed a champion with a 1 health minion on the board and it still lived with 1.

  19. Can you explain me why, at 4:40, the sacred trial is not triggered during the second bomb summoning phase, and so kills the second bomb summoned instead of Dr.Boom ? The 4th minion on the board is a bomb not the Dr.Boom.

  20. Steward of Darkshire reads "Whenever you summon a one health minion, give it divine shield." Sword of Justice reads "After you summon a minion, give it +1/+1". According to your model, a summoned one health minion should get divine shield and then +1/+1 right? I just had this occur in a game and my silver hand recruit only got the +1/+1 buff. Am I mistaken or is something not working correctly here?

  21. Cool video. Very informative, but I'm still having trouble understand how Cabal can trigger KJ passive. Could someone explain this please?

  22. you should remake this video with better audio and send this to bigger channels so they can know and spread this

  23. this video is grossly under-viewed. every hs player should see this.

  24. If the boom bots came into play first then you couldn't even play dr boom on a board of 5 minions on your side. How did they believe that?

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