[Hearthstone Science] I must attack the Minion with Taunt! (Immune vs Taunt)

Turns out Immune uses the same code as Stealth, which enables this funny kind of interaction where Immune cancels out the Taunt.

(This isn’t my real next video, by the way, but culinko wanted this documented and shared. Stay tuned for later this weekend… 😉 )

Patch: (Tavern Brawl patch)

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10 thoughts on “[Hearthstone Science] I must attack the Minion with Taunt! (Immune vs Taunt)

  1. If face play taunt, me still go face SMOrc. A face hunters dream play right there.

  2. Didn't see that coming. There was a way to play for a 50/50 lethal using ''normal'' circumstances. (Play Leeroy, attack with turtle, if Leeroy gets stolen, that opens up bow + power for 5) So I figured it would be one of those misplay videos where he makes a different move with a 0% chance to win.

  3. That is cool. I thought it would be a "taunt, does not compute" video, but this surprised me in a good way 🙂

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