[Hearthstone Science] Malorne Madness! (Cast Spells at your Deck)

In Patch 4.0, Malorne’s Deathrattle was changed to work like Entomb, directly moving the minion into the deck. Combining this with Violet Teacher and/or Illidan Stormrage allows us to target spells and Battlecries at a minion in our deck, with a variety of cool and unexpected results to discover.


BONUS 1: Why was Malorne’s Attack 81 and not a different number?: https://gist.github.com/Patashu/9cd9195584e16d69a5ec

(NOTE: This explanation is considered outdated and probably isn’t valid anymore.)

BONUS 2: Exploration of Malorne’s Deathrattle vs Baron Rivendare and Added Deathrattles:


Script: http://pastebin.com/NkWdZLk1

Log: https://gist.github.com/Patashu/519ce7f78c4906be1fee

Patch: (2015-12-04)

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Songs used in this video:

Patashu — Peach Resort https://soundcloud.com/patashu/8-bit-acoustic-instrumental-peach-resort
Patashu — OHC 373 Mists of Time http://compo.thasauce.net/files/Patashu_-_OHC_373_Mists_of_Time(OHC373).mp3
Patashu — OHC 359 Cessation of Crucial Existence http://compo.thasauce.net/files/Patashu_-_OHC_359_Cessation_of_Crucial_Existence(OHC359).mp3
Patashu — Hearthstone — Main Title [8-Bit Cracktro Remix] https://soundcloud.com/patashu/hearthstone-main-title-8-bit-cracktro-remix


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29 thoughts on “[Hearthstone Science] Malorne Madness! (Cast Spells at your Deck)

  1. If you play anub'arak after you shadow madness him, will he still return to your opponent? And if you draw malorne and then play him after shadowmadnessing him into your deck, what will happen then?

  2. But wait, what happens if you give a Malorne that sits in deck a taunt? Will it prevent attacking?

  3. How Corruption would behave casted at Malorne in deck? Will it mill him at start of your turn or it won't have any effects?

  4. 3:58 "This is the first time in Hearthstone that the position of cards inside of one's deck can be controlled"

    Not true, last week's Tavern Brawl "Decks Assemble" allowed for quite a lot of control for the order of cards in one's deck, as the cards were put onto the bottom of one's deck in the order they were played.

  5. i dont like how it works now. it doesnt make any sense to cast spells at your deck…
    best would be in my opinion, to make spells just whiff if the targeted minion doesnt live anymore. like: you casted a spell, but it had no effect. that would be logical

  6. I just had a game with Auchenai and Mistress of pain. When you have both, mistress attempts to heal you, but instead it deals damage because of Auchenai. Then since she dealt damage to you, she'll continuously heal/damage you.

  7. That Shadow Madness thing seems really counter-intuitive, since you'd think (before watching this video) that it would put the card into the priest's deck permanently. Why would they change the mechanic of the card to something like this instead of the original way? Reusing the code of the Entomb mechanic or something?

  8. last week i was playing arena and my mysterious challenger brought up an avenge and a noble sacrifice, then the enemy atacked my minion and killed it, and triggered avenge first, then he tried to atack the buffed minion and noble sac activated, is this normal??

    i might not remember correctly if i played the secrets from the hand or the challenger did, but i thought it was weird, or am i just ignorant?

  9. did you know if you double a heroes damage after it resets to zero it doubles the damage that the minion would have had if it didnt hit 0

  10. what happens when Malorne is in your deck via shadow madness, and gets force played by deathlord? will it switch sides after the turn ends?

  11. What happens when Mindgames is played when Malone has an enchantment on it? Does Mindgames summon copies of minions, or just the base version of the card?

  12. 4:32 what happens if u play Anub? is it like when u madness and than bounce back just the opposite, or does it switch sides and u used 9 mana?

  13. I love programming, and thanks to that experments, i can clearly understand how they coded it.
    It's so interesting! <3

  14. The Spellpower in the deck part was REALLY surprising, considering how everything else worked up until then.
    Looking forward to people tinkering with that kind of mechanic in the future!

  15. Secret Trial now kills the Jaraxxus hero? When the card got into the game I saw Disguised Toast testing it and nothing happend.

  16. Wait a second so the damage from malorne's spell damage +1 is it actually calculated or is it a visual glitch?

  17. If you have a buffed Malorne in your deck, does it show its buffed stats if it's revealed via a joust?
    Have you tested if pseudo-draw effects (Tracking, King's Elekk) clear the buffs from a Malorne in deck like normal draws and Deathlord does?

  18. I was thinking that this could be used to see if silence works on Mistcaller or Shadowfiend buffs. You have gadgetzan auctioneer, played after the violet teacher, and cast Silence at the Malorne. After the Malorne dies, it is drawn, and hit by either Mistcaller or Shadowfiend. It might not be worth it, though, because it most likely does.

  19. 2:10 when you sap malorne in the opponents deck, and it is animated like card draw, does it count as card draw for things like shadowfiend or mistcaller?

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