[Hearthstone] Surprise! You’re Dead! The Priest Deck

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40 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] Surprise! You’re Dead! The Priest Deck

  1. Inner Fire is the stupidest card in Hearthstone and has no business being in Priest fantasy, i.e. Healing and buffing stamina and shields and shadow damage

  2. I’d recommend adding Ysera to this deck if you do go into the late game (somehow). Useful abilities, Dragon synergy, and is a good Inner Fire target.

  3. i am so dumb. I was wondering what face the northshire in the thumbnail had…. took me forever to see that is nicolas cage

  4. This is basically the deck that I played last year, except mine had more draw, excavated evils and priest of the feast.

  5. "good mathematical skill" DDUHH (7+2+2)x2x2 = 44 me genius.
    This deck is pretty basic dude, don't hype it up to be some super skillful deck pls.

  6. "most aggressive meta that had silence in it" yeah kripp face hunter often ran 1 owl and sometimes 2 silences

  7. Hah, I just started to play this few days ago on my own. Kinda naturally evolved from Dragons which turned to be too slow vs most of the aggro opponents.

  8. Hey Kripparian, how's it goin', guys here. I just wanted to say thank you for consistently posting so many great videos! <3

  9. Omg…your neck made of rubber? I get tired of trying to watch you head with the amount you move it.

  10. I am an new player when there are wild or classic tournaments ect. In my local card shop can i play this deck in all variants?

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