[Hearthstone] The 35 Legendary Kobolds Deck

Hearthstone KnC | Tradition demands Legendary matches to open the new expansion!
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40 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The 35 Legendary Kobolds Deck

  1. Kris please read this about how expensive Hearthstone is. I've been watching your stream for awhile now. Not to be rude or anything, but it's simply good old fashioned capitalism that causes the price of hearthstone. It's not some group of evil accountants behind closed doors that decide how expensive hearthstone is. It's the market. Blizzard can get away with what they charge because people will pay it. If people will pay the price of over 1USD for a pack, then that is the value of each pack. It's a fair exchange for the people that buy it. I personally am free to play only, and sometimes it sucks not having lots of cards I want. I also think it's too expensive. But Krupp, YOU are part of the problem. You shell out huge amounts of cash. That's why I said I'm not trying to be rude, but it's true. Not just you of course, but everyone that pays the steep price for packs helps keep the price high. Simple supply and demand.  If you want to make a difference Kripp. Stop paying, but don't stop playing. You have a large amount of followers. If you start telling everyone that you are from now on free to play (at least until Blizzard lowers the price) others will follow your lead. Keep streaming like you do now, but stop using your normal account for now. Just stream free to play and preach about the problem. Don't just talk the talk Kripp, walk the walk. Don't complain that it's too hot in the room while you fan the fire. Help the market change Kripp. Some lowly peasant like me can't make a difference, but you have the followers Kripp. I've been free to play for years. It can be done! Do it for the people that are sick of the high prices. Do it for the people that can't afford to play the game. Do it for yourself Kripp! Be our hero!

  2. That first match was so easy for Warrior,He need a challenge not newbie lel xd

  3. Wow, that twig is fucking powerful… from 7 to 10 mana AND you get them replenished. You could also save the card for say an ultimate infestation where you play the ultimate infestation and THEN break the weapon and replenish 10 mana to spend on all the cards you drew!

  4. I'll be honest.
    After just having sat through hours and hours of pack openings, watching the 35 leg deck with like 4-5 new cards is pretty boring.
    But i watch it anyway because <3

  5. here's an idea blizzard — hide a pack in the game board every time, say in the chest, if a player completes the puzzle hidden in the board they get a pack and after the first time they, say in this case, open the chest it becomes a mimic instead while being a regular chest with the pack inside the first time, that would also get players to appreciate all the work put into making the boards look and feel nice.

  6. 2 players with 35 legendary deck, both use benedictus (70 legendary deck) use zola to copy benedictus and BOOM! The 140 legendary Deck

  7. This is gonna sound stupid but was I the only one confused on how he got majadomo from Barnes without having majadomo in his deck?

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