[Hearthstone] The Best Arena Deck I’ve Ever Seen

A highlight of the best deck I’ve ever played against in Arena.
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25 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Best Arena Deck I’ve Ever Seen

  1. WTF Kripp really. Now go find some really op deck and replace this BS video. WTF. Turn 3 Acolyte turn 4 dragonkin soooo best deck ever…

  2. A good deck in arena is not about value but about tempo. You got all answers and your opening was far better than his T3 acolyte. Once i've got the "best" shaman deck ever. Got Boom, Doomhammer, Two fire elementals, Chow and so. Still got rekt by a constructed mage with 3 flamestrikes despite his other cards were bad and a rogue who got perfect opening with defias, si, poison, sap… Whereas i won against a paladin playing Equality+Consecration into Muster+Quatermaster into Thyrion.

  3. We all get to watch as Kripp once again bitches about a mediocre deck being super broken and lucky. Seriously if he wasn't so upset and salty about the guy playing decent cards every second or third turn he'd realize half that guy's deck was sub par. Meanwhile he himself almost has a constructed mech rogue.

  4. THAT IS THE BEST? AHHAHAHAH NO PLS . Every single paladin deck i have seen past 6 wins is way way better than that , like 3 consacration , 2+ truesilver paired with good drops and perfect curves

  5. Just had an amazing warlock deck with board clear and all and then I find this mage who has
    Fireball x2
    Cabalist Tome
    Blizzard x2
    Polymorph x2
    Mana Worm x2
    Faceless Summoner x2
    Ice Block x2

    Insane deck rekt me at 5-1

  6. So what you are saying is that YOU drafted the deck that can beat the best arena deck that you have ever seen, ok

  7. I had a deck with litteraly 3 heal bots
    3 mech yeti 3 shredders
    2 evicerates 2 back stabs 2 of the mechanical one that gives you another mech if you have a mech. 2 poison 1 3/4 weapon . and I went 9 and 3 with one legendary that destroys another legendary if I hold a dragon . and much more

  8. Click on kripp video since reckful is slacking. Failed to look at video since I fell asleep after a couple of seconds.

  9. Your deck had that amazing mech-synergy and the discover cards and battlecries were amazing. Yeah, it was a good Paladin opponent, but it was not insane as claimed, and your deck was so much crazier. I've never seen any player cry so much for so little. You act like you are the only one who can have good cards, top-deck luck and synergies. What a baby.

  10. The best deck I have ever seen:Paladin
    He started the game:
    Turn 1:Zombie chow
    Turn 2:Shielded minibot
    Turn 3:Muster for battle
    Turn 4:Shredder
    Turn 5:Fan creeper
    He used every single mana till turn 9
    Turn 9:Sneeds old shredder
    Turn 10:Deathwing (Ysera popped out of sneeds…)
    The victory is yours.

  11. hi im kripp 🙂 i just played against very very insane deck, but because im so pro with this game i won without any problem… Kappa

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