[Hearthstone] The Best Deck I’ve Ever Drafted

Hearthstone | A highlight of the most powerful Arena deck I’ve ever drafted
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46 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Best Deck I’ve Ever Drafted

  1. I had a similar deck recently in Paladin. Nice card quality, great curve and Y'shaarj on top. Easy 12-1.

  2. This kinda got me thinking of the "Top 2" tavern brawl, I think another interesting deck would be Bolf Ramshield and inervate, kinda like the ghandi deck

  3. "If you took the top 5 cards of arena, none of those are in this deck" … No Faceless Summoner is a top arena card, and piloted shredders aren't that far either, also Flamestrike is another top arena card, and zombie chows are also really good in arena. Sorry Kripp :P, but you are lying here :).

  4. all legendaries i get are Grull but i don't use it…. and everything i get is just Rare at best, and then there is this guy

  5. A decent deck for sure, but it's highly improbable that is the best arena deck kripp ever drafted. I have less than 3k arena wins and have a few screenshots of decks that blow this pile of slightly-above-mediocrity out of the water…

  6. First minute in, Kripp claims none of these cards are "the best cards" or "the top five in arena"…except that flamestrike, piloted shredder, zombie chow, frostbolt and fireball are all tier 1 in arena.

  7. Kripp doesnt really want to know how it is goin' … ITS ALL LIES!!

  8. 24:29 I think "that order" was referring to playing the minion after the mad scientist kill because it could have been a mirror entity …

  9. I drafted a deck and thought it had relatively good card value per card. Still I got beaten 1-3 in Arena. And I really did almost win every time but in three times the tables turned and it turned out i had no end game. I don't know if it was because I had a bad mana curve or what. But I'm wondering whether it is because I just get unlucky or because I'm doing something totally wrong. Reason would make me think the latter. But I'm clueless about what it is.

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