[Hearthstone] The Best Double Old God Deck

Hearthstone | Review & analysis on my best deck that includes two of the new Old God cards
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27 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Best Double Old God Deck

  1. Kripp.. i usually dont comments on your decks because i never have something to say except now. I've been trying to do the same, even just with C'thun alone, but trying to include also shadowmaster (my favorite card). I've create amazing combos like filling my entire board with the twin emperors, but it lacks substantial in the early game and board clearence. I dont have Xaril, nor the second blade, but i will really like to inclde shadowmaster to your deck list, or try to create a deck based on both. Its been hard, but i love the card so much, and it has given me so many fun moments i mean, its just amazing.
    What would you do?

  2. this deck is garbage, you have such a low chance of putting anything together 25% win rate terrible

  3. No Undercity Huckster? Seems better then loot hoarder especially with unearthed raptor, since it cant be killed with a ping.

  4. "I think nine damage is a lot for a druid to do from nothing."
    Words that would have been insane a month ago.

  5. Wait sylvanas is a girl? I thought i was looking at some messed up chicken the whole time

  6. been trying to improve the nzoth deck for rogue, i really like this one

  7. This is the most shit awful deck. I average around rank 5ish when I play constructed occasionally and I am like 0:10 with this shit at rank 17. So, just, no.

  8. I feel like the deck is, literally, outplayed by everything. It looks like a fun deck but its just so expensive and doesn't deliver what it needs to for the cost.

  9. This deck seems awful slow when I try to use it… I can't imagine making it past rank 10 with this.

  10. I've made a deck very similar to this. Didn't include squidface or apothecary but I think that I like your reasoning for them.
    flattered that you came with the same concept haha.

  11. I made this deck and it's quite genius. It takes a while to fully understand how to synergize everything together, but it is tight as hell. The only thing I changed is the 2 squid faces. I find having 2 undercity huckster's make a nice early play with the raptors. It fixed a problem I was having with not having enough board control from turn 1-5, plus the death rattle of getting an extra spell is more useful than some extra attack, as it doesn't rely on having a weapon to be useful, and you can get some op spells or minions to use later while waiting for an old gods play. The brann is useful in almost any situation in this deck, very smart addition. Thanks for the deck list

  12. It seemed good at first but it's really inconsistent 🙁 like 5 wins 10 losses dropped a lot of ranks :/

  13. kripp this deck is actually awful, i lost 3 straight games at rank 14. most of the time you cant play a minion until turn 4, by which time you've lost the game and no amount of bran — healing is going to change that. C'thun buffs are too late game to for me to combo my twin emperor when i need it, and end up forced to play it anyway. This is the second time you've set me up to fail, thanks for nothing. (p.s. i'd unsubscribe but i was never subscribed in the first place)

  14. i didn't have xaril or thalnos so i put in gang up. its not quite as good but is worth it for the insane games that sometimes happen (i once played 2 n'zoths against a warrior who used his removal too early).I also recommend the brann doomcaller combo.

  15. 11:43 "My opponent may seem like a little low rank, but that is a façade", he said earlier.
    This dude plays a 3/2 with Innervate on turn 1, with hero power turn 2.

    Quit lying to us Kripp: bad opponents are bad, but easy to beat

  16. Just wanted to come back here and say a big thanks Kripp for this deck. I m still having so much fun playing with this, plus it is still very competitive. Although, I 've swapped Vek'Lor for Cairne, which works fantastic with those Unearthed Raptors. 😀 The feeling that you can actually keep up with those rush decks while playing a deck that requires that you use your brain too except from just clicking all those highlighted cards and attacking just face is superb! (pls blizzard bring back the Control) Anyway, again, THANK YOU Kripp for showing everyone this deck and its playstyle! Keep up the good work man! 😀

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