[Hearthstone] The Best vs The Worst Arena Deck

Hearthstone KnC | When you encounter such a crappy Arena deck you are at a loss of words
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47 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Best vs The Worst Arena Deck

  1. He must have thought Recruit would create random minions. He clearly had no clue how the hell the card worked…

  2. I just drafted a 79.4 Hunter deck…I needed fresh underwear after I saw the Heartharena score.

  3. I want to believe that in some dimension that guy's deck went 12-0.

  4. Everyone in the twitch chat including me btw haHAA 12 btw haHAA predicted this would be a video LUL

  5. I genuinely feel bad for the people like that Paladin, and wish I was there to help them. 🙁

  6. opponent definitely having a blast playing one of those "worst card pick" decks ahhahah

    honestly guys try it out with friends, where you're only allowed to pick the worst cards, BEST FEELING when you win.

  7. judging from the opponents name kripp just beat a little kids first Arena draft.

  8. The guy clearly didn't understand the recruit mechanic which is fair if you haven't read about it and are new.

  9. I feel like this guy misunderstood what the recruit mechanic does. Maybe thought they summon minions? My guess

  10. Angry chicken from call to arms eye for an eye I could not stop laughing and started crying lol

  11. Must be an anti-sniper,as in he sniped kripp, but with a really terrible deck so he will show up in one of his videos.

  12. looked like a bot programmed by a 5 year old, or some poor kid has just installed hearthstone for the first time and thought 'Arena', that looks cool. He drafts a deck with no idea how mechanics work. Recruit 3 guys, that looks good. Then runs head first into Krip with a god tier hunter deck. Now hes uninstalling. Bad luck fella.

  13. Honestly…i mean you can have a bad draft, but a 1/1 Deathreattle Guy and an Angry Chicken as the only minions under 4 Mana? In Addition to it two Call to Arms and 2 Eye for Eye? That is not what can possibly happen. Possibility Number 1: Worst possible Draft on Purpose Possibilty Number 2: Someone's Pet drafted that deck…

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