(Hearthstone) The Dragon Quest Grind

(Ashes of Outland Standard) Dragon Quest Shaman VS Rogue
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Music: Piano Sonata no. 3 in C major, Op. 2 no. 3 by Beethoven, performed by Paul Pitman


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20 thoughts on “(Hearthstone) The Dragon Quest Grind

  1. does it seem to anyone else that Brian aged like a decade in a single year? Or is it just the beard?

  2. 9:28 feels like there were better options here, like if you doubled up on your battle cries and got a shadow word: ruin, kills both the big guys but leaves small things on the board and you get another zeph card. Though maybe you needed to prevent the weenie damage, I think you coulda delt with it next turn.

  3. Is anyone other than Kibler playing Lurker Below? Especially after the buff, it seems to me that folks ought to play around that, rather like how we used to play around Crushing Walls.

  4. That trade ruined the match for me. How are you so braindead if you're legend?

  5. I pretty much only play a variation of this, diamond 3 now 🙂 But I keep getting dicked by Highlander Hunter slaves.

  6. The fact that his opponent was able to stay in the game for so long is exactly what is wrong with Rogue, and perhaps Hearthstone, at the moment. "Just play around it."

  7. Wait, counterspell works against flare? I feel like Flare's effect should take precedent over it!
    Edit: And 'Never Surrender'!? Again, I feel like Flare's 'Destroy Secrets' effect should take place before any spell secret triggers

  8. The comments are all up in arms about how bad Kibler's opponent played, but Kibler made some pretty bad misplays too that no one is noticing.
    The trades at 12:40 were really bad. He should have attacked the 3/2 with Walking Fountain instead of the 2/2. Kibler's 3/3 should have cleared off the 2/2. Much better to have a 4/4 and a 3/1 left over. Instead, he had just a 4/5 and nothing else.
    Also he planned at 4:04 to double Alex but didn't count his own cards in hand, so he didn't realize he was going to have too many cards to do it. Could have easily used a Frost Shock with his 1 leftover mana on the previous turn to prevent this. Instead he had to do a weaker turn.

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