Hearthstone - The Grand Tournament - Full Game - Shaman vs Mage (Trump vs Amaz) with New Cards

Full gameplay (nearly) of Trump (Mage) vs Amaz (Shaman) at The Grand Tournament announcement with premade decks. New cards + New Table design.

There were some difficulties in the broadcast so not the whole game sorry as the stream went offline for a short time.

Official trailer hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe7XDBtlQzg

(if not appropriate to post please let me know and I will unpublish)

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Intro made from template by Apex:


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29 thoughts on “Hearthstone — The Grand Tournament — Full Game — Shaman vs Mage (Trump vs Amaz) with New Cards

  1. still looks to be too slow to match up against any existing aggro.
    hopefully we get more anti aggro in the other cards…

  2. YES ladies and gents its another way tor Blizzard to take your money while giving you some sort of impression that you actually ( DONT) have a shot at ranking up in ladder why is this so might you ask???? because the RNG is BULLLLLLLLSHIT and unless your on your knees on a regular basis blowing blizzard staff for favors expect nothing of value but more Bullshit,  .  I'm sure face smash will as always prevail in this game cause its so skillful to play.

  3. 17:04 — Friggin' THANK YOU! Just how long do these matches last?! Well, I guess that's one good trait about Asian players: They get the most bang out of their game as they can 😛

  4. I know that it can sometimes be construed as BM, but I wish trump had run sneed's into the 7/7 so we could see what legendary he got in it.

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