Hearthstone - The Grand Tournament: Tempo Mage Deck! (Gameplay)

Opening The Grand Tournament card packs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSwbZ6joOUw

Now that the Hearthstone expansion «The Grand Tournament» is out there are countless new viable decks. I always enjoy decks such as the Tempo Mage, and Rhonin, the Effigy secret and others makes these decks even better. Even though I don’t own Archmage Antonidas who has crazy synergy with Rhonin, the deck still works well and is very enjoyable to play.

While the deck list is certainly not perfect, it has been working very well to climb to rank 10 with ease. Obviously adjust cards where you need to.

Tempo Mage decklist:
— Mana Wyrm x2
— Flamecannon x2
— Frostbolt x2
— Unstable Portal x2
— Mad Scientist x2
— Sorcerer’s Apprentice x2
— Arcane Intellect x2
— Duplicate x1
— Effigy x2
— Mirror Entity x1
— Big Game Hunter x1
— Flamewaker x2
— Fireball x2
— Nexus-Champion Saraad x1
— Sludge Belcher x2
— Emperor Thaurissan x1
— Flamestrike x1
— Dr. Boom x1
— Rhonin x1

Hearthstone website: http://www.playhearthstone.com
More Hearthstone: https://goo.gl/DLv4ji
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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play digital collectible card game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The Grand Tournament is the second expansion for Hearthstone.




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30 thoughts on “Hearthstone — The Grand Tournament: Tempo Mage Deck! (Gameplay)

  1. Well played. I built a tempo mage right after tgt also, although I didn't get Rhonin from any packs 🙁 I like your list a lot better than mine—gonna have to make some changes to my deck as I see you and others posting their lists.

    Edit: nor did I get Saraad

  2. Great video. But there were a lot of mistakes I adore you but please just do more Starcraft. I don't think hearthstone is your forte too much

  3. Taunt warrior on deathlord,not bad. Also dragon warrior is ok. But compared to shaman buff it sucks.
    Kripp said blizz dont care about war's, sad

  4. Hearthstone is one of those games that I don't enjoy playing but enjoy watching.

  5. i think at 14:24 you should have played the mortal strike, ping effegy, ronin face play, even if he had a way to kill your ronin, you would have had a 8 mana minion for sure on the board and you would have cleaned that 5/5. your follow up with the card draw fits even better in this play i think, well it turned out good anyways, but i think its a good thing to consider better value plays ^^ and why the mirror ent at 21:05 ? i think the effigy would have been way better since you have a 6 mana card on the board :/ well, thats just my thoughts ^^

  6. lowko in your second game you should have frost bolted the slime then cast effigy then traded the emperor with the black wing guy so then you would have gotten another decent sized minnion

  7. you let he keep his mana tide for too long, but he let you keep your emperor was too long as well

  8. Garrison commander can be very useful along with fallen hero

  9. archmage antidonas and iceblock are good for a deck like yours and healing bot x2 can keep you alive

  10. solid looking deck, one concern is that there doesnt seem to be enough cheap spells in it to trigger mana wyrm and flame walker especially early game, it looks like the deck will do well without it but as a result it has a weaker early game 😛

  11. Playing the Unstable Portal last was a mistake. You always want to draw/get random spells etc. first in your turn, if possible.

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