[Hearthstone] The Most Insane Arena Deck Ever

Hearthstone | Review & gameplay of the absolute best arena deck I have ever played in more than 2 years of Hearthstone
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43 thoughts on “[Hearthstone] The Most Insane Arena Deck Ever

  1. His game 3 is like my whole recent arena games like really your opponents have so much and my deck wasnt bad it was okay if i say so my self 1 legendary

  2. Kripp annoys me sometimes so fucking much! Everytime he is winning, he boast about how good he plays. Every time he is losing, the opponent has "incredible deck", "the right ansers" and is "godly topdecking". Come on! Learn to win and lose! And of course every opponent is sniping him! Yeah, sure, like everyone with 5+ wins is just waiting for Kripp to start the battle just to snipe him…

  3. "The most insane arena deck ever!!!"
    "That's how you lose, to an even CRAZIER deck!"
    Okay, Kripp, okay.

  4. An arena deck is only as good as good your and bad the enemy draw is, ofcourse you get better decks and wosre decks but i had worse paladin decks go 12-1 and awsome paladin decks go 2-3 because you face mages with perfect answers and then enemy at 2-2 draws like a 12 win deck and at turn 8 plays kel thuzad and completely fucks me

  5. He got really lucky in the first 4 or 5 games, he got like 2 or 3 shielded minibots in each of those games, thats one of the very best arena value cards. Even with 3 drafted, he should of averaged 1 per game unless it goes 20 cards deep, not the 2-3 he got.

  6. I think the most insane arena deck I ever had was before Mind Control was nerfed.

    I had 5 of them. 9-2 back before they raised the cap to 12.

  7. What is the addon showing the whole deck with cards in hand and cards out of the game?

    how can i activate the list of cards like on the right side in the video ?

  9. If this is the best deck you've ever had with, as you say, "only 11 wins" what hope is there for us casual players? You played against some strong decks, it's actually the reason I don't spend a lot of time in the arena. I just get crushed.

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